Shakeology Discount

shakeology discount

Just how BIG of a Shakeology discount can I get?

Does Beachbody actually offer a Shakeology discount?

After I lost 60lbs and got in the best shape of my life using Shakeology everyday, there were a lot of people who wanted to know more about it. They loved all the ingredients, they loved the flavor after I sent them a free sample (which you can get HERE), but like most people, when they see the price tag – they bocked and started asking how to get a Shakeolgoy discount, lol.

Today I want to go into that topic a little more so that you understand all the avenues you can take to save some cash on Shake-O. Even though Shakeology is a phenomenal meal replacement that can help you with soooo many aspects of your health; like fat-loss, lowering cholesterol, lowering blood pressure, and helping your digestion…The problem still remains that the cost of Shakeology for a lot of people is still an issue.

When you break it down day by day though, the price of Shakeology comes out to just $4.33 per day which is extremely affordable compared to some of the coffee drinks and take out lunches people get everyday. And I have searched high and low, and nothing can even come close to the quality and variety of nutrients that Shakeology offers. If there was…and it cost less…believe me, I’d be all over it! But I am not willing to compromise on nutrition just to save a few bucks. My body is worth it in my opinion.

But now to the BIG question…


How Do I Get a Shakeology Discount?

There are a few ways that you can get a “Shakeology discount”, but first I will cover how to get the LARGEST DISCOUNT possible.

When you sign up to be a Beachbody Coach you can instantly save 25%! When you sign up as a coach there is a $39.95 sign up fee which covers the cost of your business starter kit (which you will need if you chose to pursue the business side). After that you pay just $15.95 per month to maintain your coach status. This fee covers the cost of your online office, the setup and maintenance of your websites Beachbody provides you, customer service, shipping, and other business costs associated with helping you as a coach.

But how is it a discount if you have to pay all these fees, right? If you do the math, as a coach you pay $97.46 per month for Shakeology with your 25% discount which saves you $32.48 per month. The coaching fee is only $15.95 per month so you are saving $16.54 per month.

shakeology discount

Shakeology Discount

There are a ton of other perks to being a coach aside from just the Shakeology discount, but you get a 25% discount on ALL Beachbody products which is great if you want to do a different workout program after you finish the one you are on now!

The newest discount is pretty crazy! You can also get your Shakeology and a workout program bundled together for an even bigger discount when you sign up as a coach and get a Challenge Pack! The reason its a bigger discount is because they waive the $39.95 signup fee when you get a Challenge Pack. I recommend doing this just to get your next workout program!

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaand, lol…on top of that you can even put some cash in your pocket as a coach! When people start seeing the results you are getting they will inevitably start asking you about what you are doing. You can actually refer people who would like to start using Shakeology or any Beachbody product and earn a 25% commission on their purchase. What makes Shakeology so easy to talk to people about is the fact that it really is the healthiest meal you could possibly have and with that comes confidence in recommending it to people.


More Shakeology Discount Options

The next way to get a discount on Shakeology is buy signing up as a Team Beachbody Club Member. Going this route will give you a 10% discount. Along with the 10% discount you also get some pretty good online support which is what most people sign up as a Club Member for. I personally only recommend a Club Membership for the online tools like the meal planner, but not so much for the Shakeology discount. You can read more about this on my Club Membership FAQ page. The one downfall of the Club Membership is that you cannot earn any commission from recommending Shakeology to people.

The last way to save some cash with a Shakeology discount is buy ordering on Beachbody’s monthly auto ship program called Home Direct. By getting on Home Direct you will automatically get free shipping each month which saves you $11-15 depending on where you live!

I highly recommend getting on Home Direct even if you only plan on ordering once since you can cancel the auto ship feature at any time.


The Winner of the Biggest Shakeology Discount Is….

drum roll please!

Becoming a beachbody coach and ordering your Shakeology along with the next workout program you want to tackle – bundled in a Challenge Pack! <– check em out!

If you have any questions or concerns about the whole “coach” things…no worries. You dont actually have to “coach” anyone like I do. Lots of people sign up just for the Shakeology discount.

If you are ready for Shakeology to change your life, just like it changed mine 60lbs ago…I would be happy to help you get started! Its the least I could do after what Beachbody has done for me!

BRING IT…DIG DEEP…Inspire others to do the same!

Coach Todd




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