Shakeology 3-Day Cleanse


What is the Shakeology Cleanse?

The Shakeology Cleanse is a 3 day nutrient dense calorie restrictive plan that will flush your system of undigested foods and toxins that have built up over time as the results of a culture’s diet that consist of highly processed foods. Its an awesome way to jump start your health and fitness journey as most people lose 3-5 lbs in those 3 days. I have seen people lose up to 12 pounds, but it depends on the person. This is a huge motivation boost when setting out on your health and fitness journey! The Shakeology cleanse is also a great way to break through plateaus in weight loss. By clearing out your system of all those toxins that have built up, your body will be primed to better absorb nutrients. That in effect will help your body to process the foods you eat as you continue to lose weight.

Who Should Do the Shakeology Cleanse?

The Shakeology Cleanse is for the person who wants to make sure that their efforts towards getting healthy are maximized. Shakeology helps by creating an environment of homeostasis in the body. It gives your body everything it needs to function at 100% efficiency by providing it with all the nutrients necessary to promote: digestion, immunity, increased energy, stamina, and even reversing terminal conditions in some cases! Here are some common reasons that people have for doing the Shakeology 3 day Cleanse:

  • To flush the system of harmful toxins
  • To help jump start your fitness journey
  • Get motivated to start a weight loss journey
  • Lose a quick 5 lbs after or before a vacation
  • Needs more energy to get by
  • Wants to FEEL more healthy
  • Have decided that their health is worth the effort!
  • Want to boost metabolism
  • Decrease water retention and bloating
  • Control regularity

The most important factor in this Shakeology 3 day Cleanse is YOU. You have to commit 100% to this plan for 3 days…Thats it, 3 days. No excuses, and no cheating. If you deviate from the plan you can expect sub-par results from a sub-par effort. So commit 100% for your health…Its worth it!

What’s So Different About the Shakeology Cleanse?

The conventional cleanse will provide you with VERY FEW calories and completely lacks the nutrients necessary for optimal health. Not only will you feel satisfied during your Shakeology cleanse with 800-1200 calories per day, but you will be taking in over 70 whole food, nutrient dense ingredients found in Shakeology. The Shakeology Cleanse focuses on restricting calories, but packing the most nutritious ingredients into those few calories. In addition, the Shakeology Cleanse is only 3 days! Most conventional cleanses will last from 7-30 days. Thats why people have so much success with this cleanse. Its more of a performance cleanse than anything.

How To Do the Shakeology Cleanse:

I have created a PDF document that you can click on or Right Click > Save Link As to save directly on to your computer. This lays out in detail exactly what you need to do during the 3-day Cleanse. I also included a Frequently Asked Questions section at the end of the document.

Shakeology 3-Day Cleanse.pdf

 How Do I Order My Shakeology 3-Day Cleanse?

$54 + $5.20 S&H

Shakeology 3-Day Cleanse includes:

  • 9 single serve Shakeology packets (choose flavor below)
  • FREE Shakeology Breakthrough DVD
  • FREE Recipe Card

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