Insanity MAX:30 Nutrition Plan

In an effort to find a nutrition plan that is not complicated, but at the same time, can cover a wide variety of body types and goals – the Insanity MAX:30 nutrition plan has done a GREAT job of making this plan simple. But maybe a little too simple…

I will explain what I mean by that after I explain how the MAX:30 nutrition guide is setup so that if you lost yours, or simply didnt get one when you bought a pirated version of the workout program on ebay – you can use this blog post as a reference and resource, lol.


Insanity MAX:30 Nutrition Plan – 3 Steps To Get Started


The very first step that you need to take is to determine which plan you will be following. Its simple – just choose from the chart below based on your current weight.

max30 nutrition guide step-1


Once you have decided which plan you will be following, either PLAN A or PLAN B, you’ll want to refer to the DAILY FOOD CHART below. This chart is going to show you how many servings of each type of food you can eat.

max30 nutrition guide step-2


Its completely up to you to decide when you want to eat, but its suggested that you eat BREAKFAST, LUNCH, DINNER, AND TWO SNACKS throughout the day. What you’ll want to be sure of though is that you spread your food choices out throughout the day so that you are eating balanced meals. You dont want to eat 6 boiled eggs in the morning and have no protein servings left in the day.

  •  You can pick your favorite foods from the MAX:30 FOOD DIRECTORY based on your liking and taste. Basically, if its on the list you can eat it!
  • If you want MORE structure which is what I recommend…read on below!
  • One thing to not is how each food category is color coded. If you dont like to track calories or macros, then you can use the portion control container system to help you measure out all your serving sizes. The container colors match the DAILY FOOD CHART categories from above and if it fits in the container…thats a serving! Simple.

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Insanity MAX:30 Food Tracker Sheets

(click the image below to access a printable MAX:30 food tracking sheet)

max30 food tracking sheet

My Assessment Of The MAX:30 Nutrition Guide

Like I said before…this nutrition plan is SIMPLE. And its too simple in my opinion. I am of the firm belief that our lives cannot be governed by a list of foods that are okay and not okay to eat. There needs to be more flexibility than that! In addition, I think my results and the results of our team members show the benefits of TRACKING YOUR MACROS with a program like myfitnesspal.

So how does the Insanity MAX:30 meal plan break down into calories and macros???

You’re very inquisitive! I pondered inside my brain things the same exact question – so I did some nutrition detective work. I took both PLAN A and PLAN B and entered food items from the FOOD DIRECTORY according the the serving sizes and number of servings laid out in each plan. The results were about what I thought they would be.

max30 tracking nutritionPLAN A works out to about 1200-1300 calories and PLAN B workout out to between 1600-1700 calories per day.

Both plans work out to ABOUT a 30/40/30 macronutrient ratio. Thats 30% protein, 40% carbs, and 30% fats. What I LOVE about this macronutrient ratio is that the 40% carbs give you great sustained energy throughout the day and the 30% fats helps you stay satisfied and feeling full throughout the day. The 30% protein is a very healthy and sustainable intake as well. The image to the right is of the macronutrient ratio and calorie intake after entering the food items into myfitnesspal for PLAN B.


What Tracking Provides, That Portions DONT

Its simple…FLEXABILITY. Lets say you fall in love with Quest Bars as I have…Is that 1 protein, 1 carb, and 1 fat on the portion control plan with MAX:30? I dont know! But when I put that into myfitnesspal, I know exactly how many proteins/carbs/fats I still have left in the day.

In addition, where does ice cream, or pie, or cookies fit into the portion plan? One of the things that I love about tracking your macros is that you CAN have that kind of flexibility – to enjoy a treat in moderation. I would not recommend more than once per week. But even when you enjoy a treat, you can still plan ahead and stick within your targeted macronutrient goals for the day. There is no guesswork when you are dealing with numbers.

Be sure to watch the full video explanation of my assessment of the MAX:30 nutrition guide below!



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Coach Todd

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