Hammer And Chisel Nutrition Plan

You have seen a ton of nutrition plans from Beachbody and it seems like they change each time a new one comes out, but your going to see something very familiar with the Hammer and Chisel nutrition plan. I know it can seem a bit frustrating to be changing how you track what your eating, but since the release of 21 Day Fix, there has been one consistency with Beachbody fitness programs and their nutrition plans – and that consistency is the portion control containers.

These little color coded containers that slip through every gap in your dish washer rack have revolutionized the success rate people are having with their fitness programs; which makes since…because nutrition is 80% of your results!

hammer and chisel diet


Hammer & Chisel Nutrition Plan Basics

The idea behind the portion control containers to track your nutrition is to take a lot of the “guesswork” out of planning your meals. What you’re going to see below a simple 2 step setup for your nutrition plan – first you’ll take a look at the calorie quiz and determine where you fall based on your goals, then you’ll reference the calorie chart to see how many of each container to use each day. Then there are food lists that you can reference which I will give a few examples of each, but most are pretty self explanatory.

I know there a ton of people that are going to want to know how to track their macros with Hammer and Chisel so i will give you a brief overview of that as well, but lets tackle the plan is its laid out in the program first. Its easy mmmmmkaaaaaaaay!


Step #1 – Hammer & Chisel Nutrition Plan Quiz

hammer and chisel nutrition plan quiz

*After 60 days of The Master’s Hammer and Chisel, to further build, you can adapt to get even bigger by adding an additional point to the “build muscle” calculation, or in turn to lean out more after 60 days, you can subtract an additional point from the “lean out” calculation, as long as you are being healthy and smart about your overall consumption.


Step #2 – Choose Your Calorie Plan

hammer and chisel calorie chart


Step #3 – Calorie Charts

Each plan is color coded to match the 7 containers that you got with your program, with the number of portions per container listed next to the colored square. Its pretty self explanatory, but if you see a 4 next to the red square, that means you’ll be filling the Red Container 4 times per day.

Now there are a wide variety of foods in the Hammer and Chisel nutrition plan, so you’re calories may vary day to day. Now this is totally fine and you shouldn’t freak out. It should all average out and you’ll still maintain a caloric level that is suitable to you goals.

mhc calorie chart

Step #4 – Hammer & Chisel Food Lists

When you reference the food lists in your nutrition book that you got with your program your going to see a very large list of foods that fall under each category, corresponding to each color container. Everything you see on the lists is ordered hierarchically with the foods that are higher on the list being more healthy. Now dont get worried…all the foods on the lists are healthy! Its important that you get a wide variety of nutrient so make sure you eat foods from the entire foods lists

How To Use the Food Lists:

  • Pick the food that you want off of the list and then simply fill the corresponding colored container with the food item based on how its prepped (cooked, raw, sliced, chopped, etc)
  • When you have food that are oddly shaped, take asparagus for example…dont try and cram asparagus spears into your green container – simply use the amount listed next to the food item on the list.

**TIP** If youre feeling hungry and you want to rip someone’s face off…DO IT! Ooooooooooooor you could not go to jail and you could just add an extra green or red serving to your plan. If you’re feeling extra sluggish, like you havent had a 5 hour energy in the last 10 minutes like you usually do…try adding a purple or blue container to your plan – it might be healthier than the 5 hour energy shots 🙂


Step #5 – Tracking Your Containers

Some people like to use pen and paper, and then you have people who think that pen and paper people still hunt mastodons and forage for berries…they are the people at your dinner party that say “oh ya, I have an app for that!”

However you choose to track it doesnt matter, what matters is the you ARE TRACKING! I recommend that you plan ahead. If you’ve been on this site browsing for a while, then you’ve probably heard me say it a few times…“If you fail to plan then plan on failing”. I recommend that you sit down the night before and PLAN OUT YOUR MEALS IN ADVANCE << notice all those caps? Ya, that means I’m raising my voice in case you dont understand that its important. Its my gift (online emotional expression). If you can do it, I recommend spending a few hours on a sunday or something and pre packing all your meals by using the color coded containers to measure out all your meals for the week. This program was designed by two physique competitors and you can guarantee that they pre-pack their meals! I do it and its one of the things that has always ensured my success.

For info on tracking your macros with Hammer & Chisel, watch the video below on the Hammer and Chisel nutrition plan…and dont be offended, lol…you’ll see.


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