Foods That Lower Testosterone

foods that lower testosteroneTestosterone is the primary sexytime hormone in the male body. Its basically your mojo…Females also produce a small amount of this caveman-like hormone, and some more than others. If it feels like you’re kissing Tom Selleck, you might be dating a girl with high T-levels . According to the Mayo Clinic, testosterone affects the body’s muscle mass, bone density, strength, body fat, sex drive and red blood cell levels.

And the reason you’re reading this is because you want to know if something you’re eating or not eating, is causing you to lose your gains or not be able to stand at full attention when your lady friend decides to get frisky…You want to know the foods that lower testosterone!


Foods That Accidentally Lower Testosterone

Why accidentally you ask? The reason its accidental is because most fools dont even know that what their eating (or not eating) is actually reducing their manliness. Here is a list of 5 foods that reduce T-levels:

#1 – MEATS

According to LiveStrong.comEating meat, which is high in protein, helps build muscle and stimulates the secretion of the hormone glucagon, both of which contribute to raising testosterone levels. Testosterone, apart from facilitating an array of health benefits, is primarily responsible for sperm production and sex drive, as well as the growth of pubic and facial hair, bone and muscle mass. In men, it is produced by the testes, and in women it is secreted by the ovaries and adrenal glands. 

But dont think that if you pump up the protein intake, you’re gunna turn into the hulk…On the flip side, while eating a high-meat diet may raise your testosterone levels, researchers have found that excessive protein intake, especially when coupled with reduced carbohydrate consumption, may in fact lower testosterone levels. In addition to potentially lowering your testosterone levels, excessive meat consumption poses direct dangers to your health. According to the U.S. National Library of Medicine, consuming too much protein places stress on your kidneys, and it may lead to gout, as well as heightened cholesterol levels.

So the solution to increasing testosterone levels is to have a BALANCED nutrition plan. This is why I love following the P90X3 Nutrition plan thats based on 30% of your daily calorie intake coming from protein, 40% from carbs, and 30% from fats. It supports optimal health, gains, and balance!


how to raise testosterone levels naturallyBack in the 90’s the “low-fat” and “fat-free” marketing craze stormed the nation, and as a result we have more men walking around without a man card because they love their me time where they eat their low-fat wheat thins with low-fat cream cheese and marmalade. GO BUY A CHAINSAW OR SOMETHING!

Like other steroid hormones though, testosterone is produced out of cholesterol. Cholesterol comes from meats and other high fat food items like avocados, coconut oil, nuts, nut butters, olive oil, etc. Also, essential fats, such as omega-3 fatty acids and saturated fats, are essential for normal testosterone production and by avoiding such fats you will decrease the natural production of testosterone. So stop trying to fit in those skinny jeans and man up!

#3 – SOY

The “Journal of Endocrinology” has determined that soy (which contains phytoestrogens) will decrease testosterone levels. Phytoestrogens – notice how closely it sounds like that evil word: estrogen… A lot of men flee from this female formula in fear of developing some pre-pubescent man boobies.

According to an article on, The fear that consuming soy products, and therefore the consumption of phytoestrogens, would cause a change in testosterone was proven in a study done by Gifu University School of Medicine located in Japan. According to the U.S. National Library of Medicine, the study revealed that testosterone concentrations were inversely related with the intake of soy products, after controlling all other factors.

Sooooooooo I’d say its safe to assume that unless you want to have strange urges to watch Sleepless In Seattle while eating a pint of Ben & Jerry’s Chunky Monkey ice cream…stay away from soy for now.


carbs and testosterone levelsI know, I know…I’m attackin yo fun food source, but I keeps it real! So here’s how it works: Consuming an excessive amount of carbs will cause blood sugar to spike and then release high levels of insulin and cortisol. Once these two hormones are in the body, they work to decrease production of testosterone…Lame I know! Cortisol is a nasty little chemical too – you can increase cortisol by lack of sleep and high stress levels as well.

Keep in mind, this only happens when eating an excessive amount of carbs…if you are doin Body Beast and you’re at 50% carb intake…no worries – You’re hittin a crazy tough workout and you’re actually using that energy that being made available through those carbs.


AH SNAP! Ya…I’m goin there! You want gains??? – you gotta make sacrifices! Alcohol’s actually plays a huge role testosterone production. As you well aware, testosterone is a tiiiiiiiiiiiny bit to do with muscle growth.

When you get yo drank on, a substance is produced in the liver that is toxic to the release of testosterone. This substance decreases the concentration of testosterone in the body, resulting in decreased muscle mass and definition. So, when you consider all the hard work you put in during your workouts, also consider the adverse results you are going to incur from consuming alcohol.

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