Are White Potatoes Actually Bad for You?

should i eat white potatoes?Back in the day, a team of Harvard scientists did a study that followed a large population base and their disease rates. Their findings had linked good ole home grown white potatoes to being overweight, blaming in on the result of the rise in blood sugar you get from these tasty tubers.

The problem is that there are tons of foods out there that cause similar or even greater rises in blood sugar, but are associated with producing a “healthy” body weight. This is why you gotta be super skeptical anytime you here about studies like these where they blaspheme your favorite foods. It turns out they whipped up their potato data – they put all potato products together, including potato chips and french fries. That would explain the obesity rates!

Other, more practically structured studies have failed to find any correlation between potatoes and weight gain, or any increased disease rates for that matter. The potato is actually a good for you, depending on how you prepare it. If you bake it or boil it, and then do your darndest to keep the butter, cheese, sour cream, bacon bits, and other condiments off of it or only used in moderation…you’re good to go with no guilt! (Insert Track Your Macros subliminal message)

Despite its whiteness, which often suggests a plethora of phytochemicals, potatoes contain a number of carotenoids and flavenoids, as well as a decent spread of vitamins. There’s absolutely no need to continue avoiding white potatoes as if they had Ebola.

Oh and just a quick note: You know how you mom always told you to eat the skin because thats where all the nutrients were? Well only 20% of a potatoes nutrient value is found in the skin. The rest of it is in the soft white good stuff, but the skin does contain a decent amount of fiber.


So Are White Potatoes Actually Bad for You?

should i eat white potatoesThe answer is NO! They are not bad for you. Are there better options for carb sources? YES! The potato is not a complex carbohydrate and therefor it does spike your blood sugar and will not give you a longer lasting satiety level. There are many complex carb options that would make better choices if you’re looking to stay full longer and manage your blood sugar levels.


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