How To Not Get Fat While Injured

getting fat while injuredThis is a short story ย on my recent knee injury and how I plan on overcoming my fear of getting fat while injured On January 4 I began a test group with quite a few other team beachbody coaches for Tony Horton’s newest workout program: 22 Minute Hard Corps. I was seeing AMAZING progress with the workouts and to my surprise, with the portion control container system.

In my first week of 22 Minute Hard Corps, I lost 2.8lbs. And then again the second week, I lost another 2.8lbs. My six pack was cutting back in and I could not have been more pleased with my progress.

During this time, my wife and I were nearing the end of our coed rec indoor soccer league. One of my biggest fears was getting injured on the field and not being able to complete 22 Minute Hard Corps with all the other participants…Well that fear manifested on January 23rd…

I had received a sweet pass from my sister in law, who played some great D in getting the ball away from the other team. I broke away from the pack like Crisco coated lightning and it was just me and the goalie…one on one…mono e mono…man to man…incredibly good looking vs not so good looking, lol.

Long story short, the dude slid feet first at me (which is illegal in indoor soccer) and when he clipped my foot, I went over him and hyperextended my knee. But I DID score the goal!!! Which is all that counts right?! Here is a video of the goalie jerk move/goal/injury.



How To Not Get Fat While Injured

hyperextended knee


Now I could totally throw myself a pity party and talk about how unfair this is and how much my motivation has tanked, but honestly…thats not going to get me any closer to my Lazar Angelov abs goal, lol. Google the dude…he’s nuts! Rather I now have an opportunity to see if my goals really ARE important to me.

So here’s my plan to move forward and get through this. I guess you could say its my own advice for staying on track while you’re injured…

#1 – Nutrition is STILL 80% of your results

Dont think that just because you’re not able to workout at full capactiy, that its pointless to continue to focus on your nutrition. That dont make no sense! Rather this is the time when you need to get laser focused and be sure you’re very much on track! You might need to reduce your calorie intake a bit since you wont be getting as much of a calorie burn with a decreased level of workout intensity or the inability to workout altogether, depending on your injury.

#2 Do what you can

I dont plan on stopping workouts…I just have to do different workouts. So ya it sucks that I cant do 22 Minute Hard Corps workouts, but I can still do pushups and pullups (Hello P90X Chest & Back). I can still do upper body workouts (Hello Body Beast). And I can still do abs (Hello 22 Minute Hard Core – Core 1, 2, & Special Ops Core). Find out what you CAN DO without aggravating your injury.

#3 Do what your doctor says

This is the most important one. If you want to spend the least amount of time in recovery, do what your doctor tells you to do. If he says stay off your leg, elevate, heat, ice, and compress…DO IT! Dont be a frickin hero and try and prove him wrong. Rest up and get better fast so that you can go out and be at 100% as soon as you can! Lose the pride…its tough believe me.

Have you had an injury that took you out for a while? What did you do to stay on track during your recovery? Share below in the comments!

Hope these tips on what I will be doing to recovery have helped you out if you’re injured or for when you do get injured. I pray that you dont need to use this advice though ๐Ÿ™‚


Coach Todd

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