P90X3 Test Results

A lot of people are wondering if P90X3 is right for them and if they can actually get results in just 30 minutes per day… Here are the results of the test group!

…You decide if its legit!


P90X3 Results









RIPPEDCLUB as a team, along with myself will be taking part in a team-wide P90X3 challenge! We are calling it the RCX3 CHALLENGE! If you are even considering doing P90X3, then I want you to have the support you need in order to get the BEST results possible!

One of the main mistakes I made (aside from screwing up my nutrition) during my first 7 attempts at P90X…was not having someone to follow in the footsteps of. I also didnt have a team rooting me on and encouraging me in those moments when I wanted to give up. Our RCX3 CHALLENGE is the perfect venue to connect with others who are going to be going through the same exact workouts and struggles you are. And I;ll be there too!

So mark the date on your calendar, December 30th 2013 – we start as a team, Day-1 of P90X3! Be sure to email me and reserve your spot in the RCX3 CHALLENGE at coachtodd@rippedclub.net. Then make sure you are a member of RIPPEDCLUB by going here!

Lets BRING IT Again…Together!

Coach Todd

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