USP Labs Yok3d Review

I have always been weary of pre-workout supplements. The whole vein expanding/nitric oxide/xtreme pump often scares people away. But the fact of the matter is that in most cases, pre workout supplements are generally safe when taken according to the prescribed doses. It is when people abuse the supplement that it becomes dangerous. But that is the case with any supplement.

Lets talk about how a pre-workout supplement like Yok3d works. The most active ingredient in Yok3d is Arginine Nitrate. This supplement is a nonessential amino acid, meaning that it can be manufactured by the body and does not need to be obtained through your diet. But Arginine can be found in beef, poultry, fish, dairy and a whole array of plant sources. There are several benefits to supplementing Arginine, including:

  • Precursor for the synthesis of nitric oxide (NO)
  • Reduces healing time of injuries (primarily bone injuries)
  • Quickens repair time of damaged tissue (muscle fibers after blasting them with P90X)
  • Helps decrease blood pressure

With many pre-workout supplement you will see the heavy focus on the (NO), or the nitric oxide. This is what causes the “pump” that you hear about. What nitric oxide does is expands the blood vessels allowing your body to move more blood to the area that is being contracted and thus volumize it. This is also the reason for the increased vascularity and the noticeable size gain when on a pre-workout supplement. The benefit of this effect is being able to work out for longer periods of time, and being able to push out a few more reps than you would have normally been able to do. With the extra blood flow or “pump” to the muscles, your muscles do not fatigue as fast AND you recover faster after your workouts which will allow you to push harder than you normally would have due to any type of soreness from a previous workout.

My Review of Yok3d

This was the first time that I have ever taken a pre-workout supplement, so I dont have a basis to compare to other than working out with it. Compared to working out without Yok3d, I would much rather do my lifting while taking this supplement than not! Plain and simple, Yok3d is amazing!!!


  • Able to increase weight and reps
  • Even when lifting to failure, the acidic burn that I normally experience during the final 2-3 reps was completely gone.
  • Focus. I became extremely focused during my lifting. Now that could have been psychological, but none the less, I was more focused.
  • No caffeine! I am very sensitive to caffeine and cant even drink 1 cup of coffee without practically going into a ceisure. I had no jitters during or after my workout. Many pre-workouts use caffeine to increase the heart rate and blood flow, but I like the fact that I get that same effect with Yok3d without the use of caffeine.
  • The pump is phenomenal on Yok3d! You just feel powerful, which in turn causes you to push even harder!
  • The increased vascularity makes you look like a road map. Its just plain fun to see, lol


  • Timing for this supplement doesnt work very well with my schedule. I workout first thing in the morning when I wake up, buy the recommended time frame to take the dosage is 2-3 hours before your workout. If there was a quick release version of this, I would be all over it.
  • Pricing is kind of high on this at $90 at GNC for a 60 day supply (depending on your weight). They usually have it heavily discounted though to around $60 which is still kind of high. The only reason I used Yok3d though was because it was shipped to me by mistake instead of Muscletech’s Nanostim for $30. I got quite the deal!

Would I recommend it to you?

That depends on your goals. If you find yourself lacking in focus, drive and altogether intensity during your workouts, then yes I highly recommend it. I would also highly recommend it if you are trying to gain mass using P90X. It will allow you to pump out the extra weights and reps in order to increase your muscle gains and increase your recovery times. This is also perfect if you are looking for an edge but are sensitive to caffeine as I am. You wont get the jitters or shakes. In fact, I had a hard time noticing when I came down off the “pump” as it was very gradual, no crashing or anything.

Yok3d gets two thumbs up from Coach Todd!!!

Check out my video to see the “pump” that I am talking about


Have you used a pre-workout supplement? What are your thoughts on them?

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