What is in Shakeology?


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 Ingredients in Shakeolgoy Video – What is in Shakeology?

In this Shakeology ingredients video, nutritional expert Darin Olien takes you on his journeys to see exactly where the whole food ingredients in Shakeology are found and will answer the question “What is in Shakeology?”

Shakeology has gone to great lengths to ensure that only the finest ingredients went into this meal replacement drink, and this video will show you just what lengths Beachbody was willing to go, to create the perfect formula. Just looking at the nutritional label on Shakeology, you will be amazed to find that the amazing quality and taste of this shake was acheived with the use of any artificial ingredients or sweeteners.

The ingredients in Shakeology are truly what set this meal replacement product apart from the rest. The title of “the healthiest meal of the day” could not have been given to a more worthy product than Shakeology.