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Is Shakeology Worth It? | RIPPEDCLUB

Is Shakeology Worth It?

So is Shakeology worth it? There are so many meal replacement shakes on the market today that promise results, that the consumer has every right to be skeptical and rightfully so. So it comes as no surprise that people are also weary of Beachbody’s Shakeology meal replacement shake.

When it comes to answering the questions of “Is Shakeology worth it?”, you will find that there are two camps of people. There are the skeptics who have tried other diet shakes and weight loss products that have left them without results and wanting a refund, and they have almost a disdain for the Shakeology shake. The other camp of people are those who have tried Shakeology, have fallen in love with it, and will never go a day without it. They know its the real deal and they love telling other people about this amazing, nutritious shake.

Something really great that you see time and time again is the die-hard skeptics who start using Shakeology after trying it just once. This isnt just some weight loss shake…


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The Real Value of Shakeology Ingredients

With more than 70 all natural whole food ingredients from all over the world including; super-foods like: gojo berries, acai berries, maca root, and many more, the Shakeology meal replacement shake lives up to its title as “the healthiest meal of the day”

But its not just super foods that make Beachbody’s Shakeology shake so great. This patent-pending formulation includes prebiotics and digestive enzymes that aid digestion, help boost the immune system, increase absorption of nutrients, help keep you “regular”. It contains protein and essential amino acids to help build and repair muscles, reduce hunger and food cravings, help keep blood sugar steady, support brain function to help promote alert thinking and reduce anxiety, and promote healthy skin, hair, and nails. And the list goes on with phytonutrients and antioxidants, along with 23 other vitamins and minerals. These are the key ingredients that set Shakeology apart from ALL other meal replacement drinks.


How Does Shakeology Work So Well?

Shakeology is so effective because it consists all the necessary whole food ingredients in a low calorie formula that tastes great. It works particularly well if you are on a workout program. If you can drink something that tastes great, helps you lose weight, gets rid of toxins and stored fat, gives you energy, reduces food cravings and help to fight disease, then you just found yourself the most advanced meal replacement product in the world.

The beauty of the Shakeology shake is really the amount of nutrition you get in such a small amount of calories. You would be surprised how well your body can function on a restricted calorie intake when those calories are full of the nutrients that your body craves. That is what really makes this meal replacement product such an effective weight loss tool.


What About the Price – Is Shakeology Worth It?

Is $120 expensive for only 30 servings? The answer is yes…If you were just adding Shakeology on top of the food you were already buying. When the Shakeology meal replacement shake is used as it was intended (to replace a meal) then you are actually replacing the cost of something usually more expensive and less nutritious like a Starbucks coffee, or something from the Carl’s Jr. drive thru. When you break down the price of the Shakeology shake, it works out to $4 per serving, which is about the price of a brown bag lunch, and far less expensive than eating out. On top of the affordability, there is the convenience of Shakeology. Just mix and go in a shaker cup if you like and you have an entire meal in a cup in just seconds. How much is your time worth to you? There are many more reasons to buy Shakeology, and why this meal replacement beverage IS worth it, but take a step back and ask yourself, “is my health worth it?”


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 Our Price with a 100% money back guarantee = $119.95 +$10.00 for Tropical