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Shakeology Discount

I had talked shortly about how to get a discount on Shakeology in my Shakeology Alternative post, but I wanted to go a little more in depth about it. Even though Shakeology is a phenomenal product that can help you with so many different aspects of your health, like weight loss, cholesterol, blood pressure, and digestion. The problem is that the cost of Shakeology for many people is still an issue. When you break it down day by day the price of Shakeology comes to just $4 per day which is extremely affordable compared to the take out food most people eat everyday. And nothing can compare to the nutrient dense quality that it provides!


How Do I Get a Shakeology Discount?

There are a few ways that you can get a Shakeology discount, but first let me address the way to get the largest discount possible. By becoming a Team Beachbody Coach you can instantly save 25%! When you sign up as a coach there are some fees, but the discount quickly covers those fees and gets into the land of savings. When you sign up as a coach there is a $39.95 sign up fee which covers the cost of your business starter kit (which you will need if you chose to pursue the business side). After that you pay just $14.95 per month to maintain your coach status. This fee covers the cost of your online office, the setup and maintenance of your websites Beachbody provides you, customer service, shipping, and other business costs associated with helping you as a coach.

You are probably asking how its a discount if you have to pay all these fees. If you do the math, you begin saving $15 per month by the third month you are using Shakeology and you continue saving that much ever month after that. One of the biggest advantages to being a coach is not just the Shakeology discount, but you revcieve a 25% discount on ALL Beachbody products! And on top of that you can even put some cash in your pocket as a coach! When people start seeing the results you are getting they will inevitably start asking you about what you are doing. You can actually refer people who would like to start using Shakeology or any Beachbody product and earn a 25% commission on their purchase. What makes Shakeology so easy to talk to people about is the fact that it really is the healthiest meal you could possibly have and with that comes confidence in recommending it to people.


There is Another Way to Get a Shakeology Discount

The next way to get a discount on Shakeology is buy signing up as a Team Beachbody Club Member. Going this route will give you a 10% discount. Along with the 10% discount you also get incredible online support which is what most people sign up as a Club Member for. I personally only recommend a Club Membership for the online tools like the meal planner, but not so much for the Shakeology discount. You can read more about this on my Club Membership FAQ page. The one downfall of the Club Membership is that you cannot earn any commission from recommending Shakeology to people.

The last way to get a discount on your Shakeology is buy ordering on Beachbody’s monthly auto ship program called Home Direct. By getting on Home Direct you will automatically get free shipping each month which saves you $10! I highly recommend getting on Home Direct even if you only plan on ordering once since you can cancel the auto ship feature at any time.


So What is the Obvious Choice For the Best Shakeology Discount?

It really is a no brainer…Become a Team Beachbody Coach to get the best Shakeology discount. You get the 25% discount and the possibility of building a significant side income by simply recommending the products you love. You can sign up now, but if you have any questions before doing so, make sure you contact me at coachtodd@rippedclub.net.


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