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Coach Training | RIPPEDCLUB

Coach Training

For those of you who are a RIPPEDCLUB coach, or thinking about becoming one…these videos are for YOU!!!  What I dont want, nor does Beachbody, is a bunch of coaches out there who are lost and ineffective.  I want you to hit the ground full speed ahead with the tools and knowledge you need to develop a successful home business, fueled by your passion for the programs and your desire to help others succeed!

If you truly are serious about getting started on the right foot, and getting the fulfillment that comes from helping others while growing YOUR very own business; then spend some time going through the training.  Below, I have provided some very helpful and informative videos that EVERY COACH should become familiar with!

1) DECIDE – For potential coaches (This video will present the coaching opportunity and lays out the basics of getting into the coaching business)

2) THE PRESENTATION – For potential coaches AND new coaches (This 25 minute video tells the whole story about the Beachbody products, the business opportunity, and why Team Beachbody is the solution that will end the trend of worldwide obesity)

3) Coaching Success Stories – For potential coaches AND new coaches (These people are real and have had real results with their Beachbody business…I looked them up myself, lol)

4) Being a Team Beachbody coach is not just a way to become financially successful, its a way to help change peoples lives!!! – For potential coaches AND new coaches

5) This 49 minute webinar lays out the Beachbody coaching opportunity in more detail for those who want specifics – For potential coaches AND new coaches

Further to the videos that I have shared with you above, Team Beachbody has the Coach Training Academy that is accessable once you become a coach.  Whether you’re a new coach or a seasoned leader, the Coach Training Academy has the tools you need to launch, grow, and sustain a thriving business.  Once you sign up as a coach, I can help you build a professional website like mine that will get you the exposure you need for success!  This is a great opportunity gang!  Take advantage of it!