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RIPPEDCLUB Bootcamp Day 4

“Where The Rubber Meets The Road”



Dont forget!!!! Nutrition is 80% of your results. If you lose this battle, you will lose the war!


So in addition to getting a peak into my kitchen and seeing what I buy, I have included some Key Resources for you to apply all your nutritional knowledge that you have learned so far. If you do EXACTLY as I teach here, then YOU WILL have amazing results, guaranteed!


Resource #1 – My 1900 Calorie Diet

This is a 7 day example of my fat shredder diet where I show you exactly what I eat for every single meal. CLICK HERE to take a look at My 1900 Calorie Diet.


Resource #2 – My Round 1 Nutrition

This will cover the core principals that I followed that will get you absolutely shredded! CLICK HERE to check that out!


Resource #3 – Track Your Nutrition

This will be one of the most important aspects of your success, so you MUST READ THIS!!! CLICK HERE


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WOW, You have to check out the RIPPEDCLUB Bootcamp Video Series! I have learned a ton so far about what it takes to ACTUALLY get ripped!