Workout Intensity And Distractions

Pushing PLAY every single day is hard enough right? We can all agree on that. You didnt get enough sleep, you worked some OT and dont have the energy, your kids are little maniacs and drain the life out of you…wait 🙂 (I love you Jude and Abigail) But just as important as pushing play is how hard you are pushing during those workouts, which is why I wanted to talk about workout intensity and distractions.


Why Intensity Matters – Workout Intensity And Distractions

First off before we get into my tips on how to BRING IT with intensity, you need to understand why your workout intensity is important.

You have heard the saying that “you play how you practice” right? Well the same goes for your workouts and your results. Your results and progress are a direct reflection of how you train.

If you arent challenging yourself each day and upping your reps, upping your weights, pushing harder than last time, then you will never make any progress and your results will remain stagnant.

I can actually remember quite a few days where I would look back on my workout and tell myself, “I really could have done more on that move” or, “I could have done that move for the full 60 seconds”. You have probably done the same thing. If you make this more common that pushing yourself to the limit, then I am sorry to say, but you will most likely be disappointed in your progress.

And from my experience, when people get disappointed in their progress…they quit.

But I have discovered in my own journey what keeps me from pushing with full intensity – Distractions!


The Most Common Distractions That Kill Your Workout Intensity

Like I said, these are from my own experience, but I am sure that you can relate!

#1 Computer – Turn it OFF!!! I swear it never fails that right when I am in the middle of a killer set of diamond push-ups, that damned facebook instant messenger bings. I am a very curious guys, and not to mention as a coach, the superman mentality comes in and tells me “someone needs my help!” I finish my diamond push-ups and come to take a look at what Joe or Jane have to say…end up pressing pause because Lord knows they cant wait another 20 minutes for a reply and that short break turns into a five minute break. My heart rate is down and I have lost my groove…

So do yourself a favor and turn off your computer if you know it will be a distraction. Your farm-ville will be there when you are done working out!

#2 Phone – Turn it OFF!!! I cant tell you how many times my notification sound or vibrate has caused me to put my workout on hold…It became a serious problem for a while actually. Its usually emails from RIPPEDCLUB members or texts from family a crap ton of other smart phone gibberish that we didnt have to deal with 20 years ago. Dont get me wrong, I love my ANDROID Samsung Galaxy S!!! (You like that dont you iPhone users) but when it comes to workout time…its gotta go. Sue and Sally can wait to find out what you are doing today until after you finish your workout!

#3 People – Kill em! Just kidding! But if you live in a house with a lot of people, it can seriously be hard to focus. You got your kids climbing on you during ab-ripper x, your wife yelling at you that you are making the house muggy.

If at all possible, look for a time when there is the least activity going on in the house. For me its before everyone in the house wakes up. I am up at 4:30 for some time in the Word, 5:00am is dedicated to answering all of your guys’ questions, emails, and comments. 5:30am is GO TIME! All before anyone in my house is up. My two and four year old would much rather watch curious george than a P90X2 dvd when they wake up, lol.

For you, maybe its when the kids are in bed at night, or maybe you are a stay at home mom; wait till the kids are at school! The main point here is to find the best time that fits your schedule so that you have the least distraction from people.


So there you have it team. If you have seen a lack of intensity in your workouts, next time you push play, take notice of the distractions so that next time you can get rid of them! If you do that, you are going to see a whole new level of focus, intensity AND results!!!


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