Smoking Weed And Working Out

I know this is a hot-button issue, but I dont smoking weed and working out needs much debate. You are smart enough to go online and do your research to find out if its a good idea or not. Thats also something that I am not going to talk about here on this video below. Here are a few articles that you can read to educate yourself on all the scientific stuff that you need to consider before your next pre workout bong-hit.

So now for my thoughts! I come at this issue from a completely different angle than most people want me to. And just to get all the legal mumbo jumbo outs the way, I do NOT condone the usage of marijuana for recreational purposes or for performance enhancement for your workouts…There, thats done! I come at this issue and this substance the same way that I come at pre workouts, which I talk about in my video here on cycling your pre workout. I am not saying you should cycle your mary jane…just watch the video in that link, lol.

For me and my own opinions, they are founded in my relationship with my savior, Jesus Christ and I choose not to partake in any puffin and passin. I also dont make any sort of judgement on those who choose differently. But I gotta stop rambling here. Watch the video below for my thoughts on whether or not you should be smoking weed and working out.


Smoking Weed And Working Out | Getting High For Gains?


I would love to hear from you below in the comments! Do you think its a good idea to be smoking weed and working out? Why or why not?

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