P90X vs CrossFit

p90x vs crossfit

Greg Glassman & Tony Horton…Both in Their 50’s

There is actually a giant debate over which program is better, P90X vs CrossFit. People want to know which one is going to get them the best results and I dont want to be the one to disappoint the person who favors one over the other, but you can get phenomenal results with both.

I can say with confidence that there is a better chance of someone getting the results they are looking for with P90X though.

Let me explain…

I want to compare “P90X and Crossfit” with factors that are most vital to getting the best results for the “average” person…


P90X vs Crossfit – Side By Side Comparison


P90X – With P90X I have a little different accountability than a CrossFit workout. I dont have people watching me or making sure that I am giving 100%, but I do have the entire Team Beachbody community to rely upon and the members of RIPPEDCLUB as well, that offers camaraderie  and encouragement.

CrossFit – The accountability for CrossFit is great as well. You have to physically show up at the CrossFit gym to do your workout. You have a trainer that watches you, logs your times and even posts them on a website to compare your times against everyone else’s.

For the beginner who is out of shape I think that working out in the comfort of your own home is the most encouraging setting. Being new to a workout and trying to perform unfamiliar exercises in front of strangers can be very intimidating and for many, its actually a deterrent.

I would say that P90X/Team Beachbody has a better accountability system with Challenge Groups! <— Email me at coachtodd@rippedclub.net

Length of Workouts:

P90X – P90X workouts can range from 55 minutes to 90 minutes (yoga). The average workout time is about 65 minutes though in the comfort of your own home.

CrossFit – The most common Crossfit workout, WOD’s (workout of the day) is an average of 20 minutes long.

Getting a workout dont in 20 minutes instead of 65 minutes sounds like an instant winner…But then you have to consider the “quality” of the workout and the commute time of going to your local CrossFit gym. You might be driving for 30 minutes to and from your workout. That time could have been spent burning more calories and targeting your weaknesses in fitness…

P90X being in an home fitness program, you simply pop in a DVD and hit play…no commute necessary. You can go from alarm, to workout, to shower in 90 minutes! P90X is the clear winner here.

Type of Workouts:

P90X – P90X focuses on the concept of Muscle Confusion using resistance training blocks that last 3-4 weeks so that your muscles can never adjust to your routine, thus avoiding plateauing. There is also intense Plyometric style interval training along with intense cardio and the dreaded Yoga-X for flexibility. Its a “whole-fitness” program that leaves no facet of fitness un-buffed.

CrossFit – CrossFit workouts designed to train speed, strength and power include major lifts such as back squats, dead-lifts and presses along with other movements, like pushups, pullups and situps. During these workouts, the goal is to use the prescribed weight and complete the prescribed number of rounds and repetitions as fast as possible, creating the most amount of power.

All of the moves done in CrossFit are designed for elite athleticism which is awesome…but for the person trying to drop 200lbs, what modifications does CrossFit offer? Each P90X workout actually shows you how to modify each exercise to fit your ability. Another beef I have with CrossFit is the competitiveness. Competition is awesome, but with timed workouts often time CrossFitters will sacrifice form in order to get more reps/weight…This leads to a high rate of injury amongst CrossFitters. Now you can have bad form in P90X as well, but its only a result of laziness or the need to modify…not because people are watching and you want to get more clean and jerks than the schmo in front of you.


P90X – Offers a full nutrition guide designed by experts that walks you step by step on how to develop a meal plan that fits your goals for each phase of P90X.

CrossFit – No nutrition plan or supplementation advice.

P90X is once again the clear winner here providing a comprehensive nutrition plan and you also get the advantage of the RIPPEDCLUB Nutrition Zone if you frequent our team site here! You also get full online support from me personally when you join RIPPEDCLUB and make me your free coach. CrossFit does not offer any “certified” nutrition plans unless you want to pay your CrossFit trainer to develop you one (for more $$$ of course!)


P90X OR CrossFit – Conclusion

What I dont want you to think after reading this article on P90X vs CrossFit is that you cant get good results from CrossFit…You can! But in my opinion CrossFit is not the best option for the person who is out of shape and has not worked out in 5-10 years (most people who want to get in shape).

P90X offers a much more comfortable atmosphere (your home) in which you can struggle and make a fool of yourself without the fear of others judging. With P90X you get a workout that is more comprehensive that addresses all aspects of fitness: strength, power, agility, endurance, balance, and flexibility. You also get a complete nutrition guide that can clear up all the confusion about how to eat for serious results. You also get a much more supportive and encouraging support system through Team Beachbody and RIPPEDCLUB.

…In my humble opinion, P90X is the better choice because it offers a safe means for the out of shape average Joe to become a lean mean RIPPED and well fueled machine; whereas CrossFit is really only awesome if you are already in decent shape…Again…just my opinion.

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