P90X Torrent Download – You Wouldn’t Download A Bear!

you wouldnt download a bearI will get to the P90X Torrent Download in a second – First I want to share a story most of you can probably relate to.

Back in the year 2000 I was working at KFC…

It was high school, so you can put away your pitch forks and torches, lol.

At the time I was dating this girl and I would go to her house after closing at KFC.

Her dad was an online gamer, so they had a DSL internet connection.

If you are at all familiar with the dial up phone connection that was the most common at the time, then you know just how awesome a DSL connection was.

In addition to introducing me to what seemed like lightning fast internet, she introduced me to Napster and CD Burners…

I pretty much went crazy and downloaded all the music I wanted and burned it to CD.

Napster was pretty much the beginners of the file sharing era and in my opinion, a complete shift in moral thought.

Is P90X Torrent Download Wrong?

YES! Its illegal – just like the music I downloaded off of Napster all those years ago was illegal!

For some reason, people have developed this moral callus when it comes to digital theft.

People think that its okay so long as they aren’t walking out of a store with a product in their pocket.

Why is stealing something digitally any different than not paying for something you purchase at the store?

The P90X Torrent download IS A PRODUCT!!!

If you dont pay for it, then its theft! Simple…

4 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Download P90X off Torrent

  1. Its theft
  2. When you pay – you push play!
  3. You cant ensure the download off the FULL P90X program
  4. Its theft

What it really comes down to is a matter of morality. Some people have been so saturated with the idea that digital downloads are our “freedom”, but in an age of digital products…that idea quickly crumbles under the law.

Also, I have found that from a motivation standpoint, people are much more likely to commit and complete the program when they actually make an investment. Paying for P90X rather than getting the P90X Torrent download for free actually pushes people to push play. They want to make their investment worth it!!!

You also cant be sure you will get the full download of P90X from Torrent. I would rather just get the dvd’s and rip them to my ipad or something if I wanted a guaranteed full digital copy. That way I know the workout wont cut out with 13 minutes left, lol.

Did I mention that its illegal to download it for free off the internet???

I want to know what you think about downloading files from the internet for free. Is it wrong or is the P90X Torrent Download fair game?

PS: As motivation to quit your internet downloading and file sharing, I just want to remind you that every time you illegally download a product, someone punts a kitten…so basically you hate kittens if you use Torrent or any other file sharing program to download P90X for free….

…Just thought you should know…

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