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P90X Torrent Download - You Wouldn't Download A Bear! | RIPPEDCLUB

P90X Torrent Download – You Wouldn’t Download A Bear!

you wouldnt download a bearI will get to the P90X Torrent Download in a second – First I want to share a story most of you can probably relate to.

Back in the year 2000 I was working at KFC…

It was high school, so you can put away your pitch forks and torches, lol.

At the time I was dating this girl and I would go to her house after closing at KFC.

Her dad was an online gamer, so they had a DSL internet connection.

If you are at all familiar with the dial up phone connection that was the most common at the time, then you know just how awesome a DSL connection was.

In addition to introducing me to what seemed like lightning fast internet, she introduced me to Napster and CD Burners…

I pretty much went crazy and downloaded all the music I wanted and burned it to CD.

Napster was pretty much the beginners of the file sharing era and in my opinion, a complete shift in moral thought.

Is P90X Torrent Download Wrong?

YES! Its illegal – just like the music I downloaded off of Napster all those years ago was illegal!

For some reason, people have developed this moral callus when it comes to digital theft.

People think that its okay so long as they aren’t walking out of a store with a product in their pocket.

Why is stealing something digitally any different than not paying for something you purchase at the store?

The P90X Torrent download IS A PRODUCT!!!

If you dont pay for it, then its theft! Simple…

4 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Download P90X off Torrent

  1. Its theft
  2. When you pay – you push play!
  3. You cant ensure the download off the FULL P90X program
  4. Its theft

What it really comes down to is a matter of morality. Some people have been so saturated with the idea that digital downloads are our “freedom”, but in an age of digital products…that idea quickly crumbles under the law.

Also, I have found that from a motivation standpoint, people are much more likely to commit and complete the program when they actually make an investment. Paying for P90X rather than getting the P90X Torrent download for free actually pushes people to push play. They want to make their investment worth it!!!

You also cant be sure you will get the full download of P90X from Torrent. I would rather just get the dvd’s and rip them to my ipad or something if I wanted a guaranteed full digital copy. That way I know the workout wont cut out with 13 minutes left, lol.

Did I mention that its illegal to download it for free off the internet???

I want to know what you think about downloading files from the internet for free. Is it wrong or is the P90X Torrent Download fair game?

PS: As motivation to quit your internet downloading and file sharing, I just want to remind you that every time you illegally download a product, someone punts a kitten…so basically you hate kittens if you use Torrent or any other file sharing program to download P90X for free….

…Just thought you should know…

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I purchased a copy of P90X, P90X2, and P90X+. I just download this so I have a pre-made digital copy - already ripped and everything. Downloading is not illegal, if you already own your own copy. It's also completely legal to have one backup CD/DVD of your own. Not all of us are pirates, you know.


I download all kinds of things off the internet, including P90x. One of my favorites has been Rosetta Stone. I have also enjoyed Lost Season 1 and plan to keep watching it as long as they're off the island by season 3. I know that it's wrong, but that's why I occasionally flog myself and volunteer at a local soup kitchen and employment center. At the soup kitchen I am able to work long hours thanks to my fitness, and at the employment center I've found that my Spanish skills come in handy. Thanks P90x and Rosetta Stone - you're making the world a better place.


Hi Todd, Sure I illegally download music, movies, and programs like P90X but if I like them then I buy them when I can. Yes it's wrong to download without paying but I treat it like a try it before you buy itprocess


Hi Todd, I think information (like the info in P90X) should be free. I plan on illegally downloading this product, because otherwise I can't afford to use it at all. It doesn't seem fair to me that I should have to "buy" fitness. Fitness and health should be available to anyone who is prepared to work for the results. It's not a product, it's information. Asking somebody to pay over $100 for this information is ludacris and I won't do it. If you ask me, P90X should be available at the local library so anybody who is inclined to get fit can try it out. ~Candi Sintegrate


Great Article Tod. Rather than comment on the morality aspect of it I will comment on the motivation point you made. I will admit; I download my music from the internet and watch movies online.. which is what makes me believable when I say this: If you download P90X you are much less likely to see results. Why? It's because as you mentioned (And it's a hard thing to explain) When you don't have the real box, the real thing, your motivation meter goes off.. you do not care to see results of something you didn't work hard to get! Think about it.. could you afford not to get results of something you invested $100+ for? NO! That's just a factor that makes you unconsciously push harder! On the other hand.. do you care much about not doing a program you downloaded and didn't invest in? Do you remember when your parents bought you all of your belongings.. and then when YOU paid for your belongings you took care of them??? ... It's really the same thing in our brains. Another thing is that downloading it comes with no calendar and no nutrition guide.. not to mention NO COACH! I am soon to purchase P90X.. and as the cheap I am I thought about downloading it illegally and I have even come across the download links but then again.. I know that what I have said are facts.. I leave you my comment not to be judge for my decision to download other things illegally but to tell other people to buy the real thing because this is coming from someone who DOES download things illegally lol. I will leave you with a quote I heard in the show "Shark Tank" when a guy came with an online product that he had in a CD but didn't need the CD and package... "Both my parents are therapists and they taught me a very basic rule in psychology.... That if you can touch it.. It's Real" Good day.


If the government is stealing our future - there is no problem! If you download a song - your a criminal! :D From the appearance of p2p networks, the music, movie industry boosted its sales ... And its still one of the most profitable industry ! So stop! Being greedy and start sharing! If i like it ill buy it. People used to share from ancient times, it's in our blood. There is no way you gonna stop it anyway, thru any laws, people are going to find other ways of sharing, like always did. You should study a little more about this things! And don't rely on the info they give you in the media! They manipulate you the way they want :) Sorry for my grammar mistakes - i'm not american :) Peace !


Right it's theft, but how i can trust you? I've already was dealing with similar training, the author persuade to buy the book. I bought it, and in the end nothing promised result was not! I agree to pay but on the condition that the result will be!

Eric Whitehead
Eric Whitehead

Well, your right Todd. But I think that we are so bombarded with information these days, so much so that we have access to tons of info. we don't even or ever will understand, but it it still there for us to read, download, copy, whatever that some people can't help themselves. You can't afford to go to the movies, then download one! You want to view disgusting images, or pornographic ones it's all there for your pleasure. And your right about "Gray Areas", most people use that as an excuse to do what they want, or justify a questionable act. But I would have a hard time fining some young kid $10,000.00 for downloading the latest Pop Song. I think you have to target the source if your going to have any chance of stopping something like this, to attack the End User, is like "Closing the Barn door after the Horse has ran away! LOL Can you tell I like when someone starts an interesting conversation! :-)

Eric Whitehead
Eric Whitehead

While I think your right in purest form of the idea of theft. I still think that the person downloading something for PERSONAL use is less offensive than someone who downloads a media, be it software or whatever and then sells that media for profit. And yes the person downloading something like P90X and using it for themselves and not selling is still wrong, in this day and age it's a very gray area due to the digital access everyone has, compared to years ago. Do we start charging for YouTube videos as well? I think it's more the person who first uploads a copyrighted item that's far more guilty than anyone who downloads it, and I know that's like saying if you find a wallet with lots of money in it, it's okay to keep it, because the person shouldn't have lost it in the first place. I think the point I lost, was that it's such a gray area when it comes to what is uploaded and what is downloaded, and the legality of it all.


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