P90SEX ???

Now first off, lets just toss out a few disclaimers on the topic of this article, lol.

  • This article is not going to teach you any tricks of the trade…Sorry 🙂
  • What you do with your spouse or partner privately, is your business.
  • I want to be clear that I have a Biblical view of sexual intimacy and I DO NOT promote sexual activity outside of marriage.
  • This article is simply to show how exercise and fitness can increase your intimacy levels with your husband or wife.
  • If you dont like what I have to say…please bludgeon me in the comments below 🙂




According to sociologist, sexuality speaker, and relationship and intimacy counselor Dr. James Gunsaullus, “There’s a correlation between people who have a more active sex life and those who have confidence in themselves…”

In other words, creating for yourself a better body image can lead to improved self-esteem and a stronger sexual desire. Women actually have an unfair advantage in that they can experience exercise-induced orgasms according to a 2012 study published in Sexual and Relationship Therapy…When us guys exercise, we just get tired.

But since most of us prefer to reach the top of the mountain  between the sheets and not in the middle of a Chest & Back workout, we can’t rely on exercise to get us there. So, here are three advantages that doing a program like P90X can offer to increase your sexual healing powers (insert Marvin Gaye song into your mind here).


#1. Plyo-X and HIIT

Lets face it, if you cant last more than 7 -10 minutes between the sheets doin all the work, then you have a problem with endurance.

“If you don’t exercise enough or possess much endurance, you’re going to get tired during sex—especially if it lasts more than 7 or 10 minutes,” says Dr. Gunsaullus.

HIIT or (High Intensity Interval Training) with workouts like Plyo-X or Kenpo-X which mix intense bursts of cardio followed by very short breaks or periods of less intense cardio called “active rest”, are actually very effective weight-loss mechanisms and can also significantly increase your endurance. That means more pushin between the cushions!

Plyo-X and Kenpo-X would be a very low rating on the HIIT scale. An even more appropriate program might be something like Insanity or Focus T25.


#2. Push-Ups (A P90X Foundation)

p90x herculesPush-ups work the muscles in your chest, shoulders, triceps, and core—all of which are utilized in a variety of sex positions. I dont need to spell it out, you can probably use your imagination here…just dont get carried away, lol.

Zack Zeigler states that:

Whether you’re hoisting someone in the air, bracing yourself against the headboard or wall, or standing on your hands while . . . actually, that one’s above our pay grade. Point is, push-ups can provide the upper-body strength and endurance to prevent you from killing the mood by stopping every two minutes to shake out your fatigued spaghetti arms.

P90X offers one of the most intense chest workouts I have ever done. When I started P90X, I could only do around 11-12 push-ups without feeling like a ninny and dropping to my knees. Nowadays I can bust out 70+ without stopping or dropping to my knees. What does this equate to in the champagne room? …Hercules type stuff! LOL


#3. Yoga

Now most people who choose to embark on a P90X journey shy away from yoga. Why? Because its hard and they cant do most the moves. But thats exactly why you need yoga! Yoga addresses many many fitness/mobility factors.

…but how does yoga increase your sexual pleasure palace?

p90x yogaFLEXIBILITY! One woman writes in the Huffington Post that,

When I first started yoga, I couldn’t touch my toes in a forward fold. Now, when I’m in bed, I can hug my leg to my chest and kiss my thigh (which makes it easy for my husband to sling my leg up and over his shoulder in order to achieve deeper penetration during intercourse… I love the extra stimulation to my cervix). If you’d like to achieve this increased flexibility, go to yoga. Or develop a home yoga practice that focuses especially on hip openers, pelvis openers and groin stretchers.

Give P90X a try for 90 days and see if you and your spouse dont experience a more robust sexual intimacy. Think about it this way…After 90 days of intense exercise and precision nutrition, you are going to look irresistible! Your spouse wont be able to keep their hands off you, lol. If you want just as good of results in less time and you want that endurance so you are winded while you work it…give Insanity or Focus T25 a try!

What this all adds up to is a body you can be proud of, more self confidence, more sexual intimacy with the person you love which leads to a more positive attitude (for me at least, lol).

Anyway, hope you found this info helpful or entertaining. And if you are outraged, let me know below in the comments!

BRING IT…again and again and again and again

Coach Todd 

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