INSANITY MAX:30 Workout Schedule

INSANITYMAX-logoIn similar fashion to programs like P90, T25, P90X3, and 21 Day Fix – the INSANITY MAX:30 workout schedule robs us of the excuse that, “I dont have time to workout”. People wanted the intensity of INSANITY in less time to accomodate a busy lifestyle, and Shaun T delivered…like a freight train delivers!!!

One of the things that I love about the INSANITY MAX:30 schedule is that you are working against yourself…YOU are the competition!

Let me explain.

What you are going to see below on the MAX:30 workout calendar is a box for you to fill in. Next to that box are the words “max out”. The idea behind this workout program is that you go all out for as long as you can and when you have to take your first break, you write down your time in the “max out” box on the MAX:30 calendar.

theeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeen your goal the next week is to crush your old time from the previous week! Again, YOU are your own competition. It adds a whole other level of motivation that I think no other Beachbody workout programs have built in. Ya you can track weights and reps, but that can take a long time to see gains in that realm for some people…with MAX:30, you just gotta beat your old time by 1 second and you win – you’ve made progress!


INSANITY MAX:30 Workout Schedule

Below are two things that you can download (just right click>save as) and print if you like! These are custom INSANITY MAX:30 workout calendars for you to use however you like! There is a Month-1 calendar and a Month-2 calendar. Good luck with Month-2 by the way! I hope you have life insurance…

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(click the calendar below to print your full size month-1 schedule)

insanity max30 workout schedule - month 1



(click the calendar below to print your full size month-1 schedule)

insanity max30 workout schedule - month 2

MAX:30 Month-1 Workouts [4 Weeks]

Workouts Include:

  • Cardio Challenge
  • Tabata Power
  • Sweat Intervals OR Sweat Fest
  • Friday Fight: Round 1
  • Pulse (Optional)

MAX:30 Month-2 Workouts [4 Weeks]

Workouts Include:

  • Max Out Cardio
  • Max Out Power
  • Max Out Sweat
  • Max Out Strength
  • Friday Fight: Round 2
  • Pulse (Optional)

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Coach Todd




PS – After you have printed your INSANITY MAX:30 workout schedule, when you CLICK HERE for my free 5 day bootcamp – I am going to show you my step-by-step method I used to drop 60lbs and get absolutely ripped!

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