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New Stuff!

I sent this out in an email last week, but I wanted to post the info here for those who have not made me their FREE Coach yet (seriously??? I get you ripped for free, lol. Click Here) and are not on my mailing list.

There is a lot of stuff in the works and underway as we speak with Beachbody so let just go right ahead and get into it!


#1 The US Beachbody Coaching opportunity is opening in Canada as of October 1st.

This is a HUGE opportunity to not just help a ton more people get healthy and fit; its an opportunity to tap into an untapped market and grow a very large business! I am looking for leaders now to join my team NOW, so be sure you get signed up today HERE!


#2 New fitness programs

Les Mills Combat launches this fall, with pre-orders starting Oct. 1st (Today!).  Its an MMA fighting based program.





Asylum Volume 2 launches in mid October as well!


#3 On the Shakeology front

There was definitely some push back with the formulation change, and many (including myself) didn’t like the taste as much.  While it wouldn’t make me stop drinking it, there are some who were on the fence and a taste change would push them over.  Rest assured that BB has a taste panel in place and is currently working on some changes to get the taste where we all want it.


#4 October Fit Fest!

As many of you know, the season of treats and massive quantities of food is shortly upon us. I have always hated that feeling of being disappointed in myself during the holidays. My intentions of healthy eating and not going back for seconds and thirds flew right out the window…But that doesnt have to be your story! To battle this struggle that I know many of you have with the holiday season (a struggle I had as well), I want to invite you to join our October 8th P90X Challenge group. This is going to get you in the best shape of your life and anchor your nutrition so that you can have no problems through the holidays because you will have developed the HABITS OF HEALTH! Be sure you respond to this by emailing me at coachtodd@rippedclub.net to let me know if you are interested in making a change this fall and I can send you the info you need!


Thats it for now gang! I hope you all had an awesome summer and I hope this fall/winter is the most successful season for your health and fitness!

Coach Todd – BRINGIN IT!

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