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10 HUGE Announcements From Coach Summit 2012 | RIPPEDCLUB

10 HUGE Announcements From Coach Summit 2012

The 2012 Beachbody Coach Summit in Las Vegas has finally come to an end. But where on earth do I begin to describe the epic events that took place along with the amazing people I met and bonded with, the emotional events that took place, and the team building atmosphere that cant be described with words…

Well I will try in a later post. Right now I want to REWIND and show you what you can expect to see from Team Beachbody right NOW and what is coming soon! So take a look at these 10 items that we covered at Summit!


10 HUGE Announcements From Coach Summit 2012

1. Coach Summit 2013 5-Year Birthday Package
Possibly the most important announcement coming out of such a monumental Summit is that, heck yes, there will be a Coach Summit 2013! It’ll be bigger. It’ll be better. And we’ll make an even stronger statement for health, fitness, happiness, and success.

Don’t even hesitate. Register by 11:59 ET on July 4th to get in on our $555 5-Year Birthday package—which includes the price of admission and 3 nights at the MGM Grand®. If you are one of my coaches, this is simply a must attend event if you are serious about changing people lives! This will help you become a better coach and mentor to others!

2. Chocolate Vegan Shakeology®
Mmm. Mmm. Delish! Starting Tuesday, June 26th, we’re introducing a new member of the Shakeology to TeamBeachbody.com—Chocolate Vegan. The new blend includes 5 new superfoods (such as moringa and Himalayan salt), has more of a natural cacao flavor (sort of like dark chocolate), and is, of course, vegan!

Look for it in the TeamBeachbody.com store this Tuesday, in Challenge Packs this Thursday, June 28th, and in single-serving packets July 5th.

3. Mobile Coach and Customer Enrollment App, Coming in July
Get ready to high-five your phone. In July, we’re launching a Web-optimized mobile app that will allow you to pre-enroll customers and Coaches on the fly. The app stores your contacts, allows you to track their enrollment process, follow up, change their order, and more. It’s also free and works on most mobile platforms, except BlackBerry®. This will make the Challenge Group signup process MUCH easier

4. Body Beast Now Available!
If you just felt your bicep quiver, you’re ready to unleash the BEAST on your friends, customers, and prospects. Body Beast is super tough, will get you super jacked, and the general consensus at Summit was that people are super stoked.

It’s available now exclusively on TeamBeachbody.com and through RIPPEDCLUB.net, so get the word out and take advantage ASAP. We’ve even provided a whole mess of tools to help you talk shop.

5. $14.95 FREE Trial Offer (Limited Time Only)
Starting today, June 25th, and through Tuesday, July 31st, you will be able to try a Challenge Pack before you buy it. If you’re not getting the results you desired, you can return everything for no additional fee (or else you’ll be charged). But with ME as your Coach, their odds of success are pretty darn good. Right?

Right now you can take advantage of this offer by going to my coach site www.beachbodycoach.com/toddwarren > Shop > Trial Offer. Currently, P90X, TurboFire, and Brazil Butt Lift are the only Challenge Packs available for the trial offer.

6. Derm Exclusive® Now Available on Team Beachbody.com
Beachbody’s breakthrough skincare treatment, Derm Exclusive, is now available to you on TeamBeachbody.com! This incredibly powerful system of treatments works to fight the four signs of aging—fine lines and wrinkles, sagging skin, dark spots, and diminishing radiance. In other words, your face will love it.

It was one of the best-sellers at Coach Summit.

7. Chocolate Shakeology: New Superfood Formula!
You probably know how antsy we get about constantly improving our products. Shakeology is definitely no exception. We’ve recently upped the ante for our regular Chocolate blend with four new superfoods: moringa, coconut flower nectar, luo han guo, and Himalayan salt. There’s also more fiber and less sugar!

Starting in July, you’ll begin receiving the new formula in your HD shipments and new orders. We’ll be phasing out the original formula, so you may not see this one right away. Keep an eye out for a “New Superfood Formula” stamp on the bag—and enjoy!

8. LES MILLS Body Combat (Coming Soon)
The martial arts are coming to Beachbody via our amazing LES MILLS trainers! Body Combat will be available first for pre-order, and we’ll let you know official dates as soon as we have them. Meanwhile, ask anyone who was at the Summit Super Workout how they liked trying Combat!

9. INSANITY: THE ASYLUM, Vol. 2 (Coming Soon)
Because just one ASYLUM isn’t crazy enough, we’ve got Volume 2 in the works, and Shaun T is determined to Dig Deeper than ever before. Stay tuned for an official announcement!

10. Cordastra (Coming Soon)
With the help of Tai Cheng’s Dr. Mark Cheng, we’re now putting the finishing touches on Cordastra, an herbal energy supplement that helps improve stamina and endurance. News to come!


Stay Tuned For More!

As always, I will keep you guys up to date and informed on the release of these new programs. And if you have any questions about my time at summit, stay tuned for that post later this week along with some killer video!

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