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The results keep coming in and I am still amazed each time!!! Tom absolutely killed it with P90X2! Check out his results below!


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Here is Tom’s Story in his own words:

Growing up I was always very active, being involved in competitive sports from the age of 5 and continuing that through high school.  I played football and baseball for my high school and basketball in my community so I was basically competing and training year round.  I took my training pretty seriously and was disciplined about working out and making sure I was in shape year round.  My discipline was really tested when I snapped my femur playing football, but through consistently doing my rehab exercises, I was able to recover without any serious lingering effects.  That experience really taught me the value of hard work and dedication and also the importance of having a coach to motivate you and keep you accountable!

After high school I went to college where I continued to stay active my working out with my buddies 4-5 times a week and playing intramural sports.  My weight fluctuated by probably 10-15 lbs. during my 4 years at college, so I stayed in pretty good shape but also got fairly bored with my workouts.  Having friends to workout with and bounce ideas off of was really the thing that kept me motivated to workout and stay in shape.

After graduating college I found myself working out alone and using the limited workout room at my office to lift some weights and running outside when it was warm enough to get my cardio workouts in.  The combination of working 10-12 hour days consistently, getting bored with my workouts, and not watching what I ate all led me to gain almost 30 lbs.  I weighed nearly 220 lbs and started to realize that I looked a lot more like the “before” pictures than the “after” pictures I had seen on the infomercials for workouts like P90X and Insanity.  That’s when I realized it was time for a change!

About a month before I got married I saw an infomercial for Insanity for the first time and decided I would give it a try.  I was attracted by the results of the people in the video and I also liked the fact that you didn’t need any extra equipment to do the workouts.    After the first workout, I realized why they named it Insanity!!  Wow was that tough, but it really motivated me because I knew this workout could really work!  At that time I didn’t have a coach and didn’t even really know what a coach was.  The first month I got in great cardiovascular shape, but I really didn’t lose much weight because I didn’t change my diet.  After learning more about the beachbody community and finding  a coach that I wanted to emulate, I dialed in my nutrition and actually started tracking what I ate.  This led to a 17 lb. weight loss all in my second month of Insanity!!  My before/after pictures are below.

After getting those great results I decided I would tackle P90X next to get down to my goal weight and build more muscle as well.  I have continued to see great results and love the additional lifting routines that are included with P90X.  Also, before starting P90X I decided to become a coach and start Team New Body because I had become extremely passionate about beachbody products and supplements and wanted to help others transform their bodies like I have.  Also, I added Shakeology to my diet after much research and have bought additional supplements and programs, so it only made sense to get the 25% discount on everything.  Throughout this process I have renewed my passion for working out and beachbody has really given me the tools I need to keep my workouts interesting and to actually see great results.

My faith has also played a huge role in motivating me to get in shape. I’ve always known that my body is a temple of the Holy Spirit and I know that God calls me to be a good steward of the gifts that He gives me.  I consider my body a great gift from God and have really started to treat it how I think God would want me to treat it.  Being healthy and in shape allows me to be active and involved in my community and not have to sit on the sidelines.  I have more energy than ever before and really think God has provided the tools I need to live a healthy lifestyle.

Every day I bring my best to my workouts and stick to the nutrition plan.  I am living proof that the nutrition is actually more important than the workouts.  You can workout as hard as you want, but if you don’t fuel your body correctly you won’t see the results you want.  I know these programs and nutrition plans work; I’m living proof!  Also, I know my wife likes the new me too

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