Ted’s Transformation

Ted has seen both the highs and lows of health and fitness, but is now committed to peak physical fitness and health! Ted has a contagious passion for P90X and Beachbody that has changed so many lives, and all I have to say Ted, is…congrats on your RIPPED RESULTS!



Ted’s story in his own words:

Hello! My name is Ted Gore, and it’s pretty safe to say I’m a health nut.

I thrive on being my physical best. I’ve been lucky. I’ve been like this most of my life. I don’t know why. I’ve been a top ranked expert mountain biker. I’ve hike the appalachian trail from Georgia to Maine. I’ve skied all over the country. I rock climb. I even attempted to get into kite surfing. Never happened though. Just got drug down the beach by a kite the size of my car, haha. Maybe one day!

I’ve had my lows too. Like that time I had an over-eating disorder that almost brought me to bulimia. Or when I was in design school, didn’t exercise, hardly slept, and put myself through so much stress I developed heart palpitations. My lower back would ache more often than not, and I couldn’t stand for more than 20 minutes with out it and my hamstrings bothering me. I developed IT band syndrome in my knees that plagued me for 5 years, keeping me away from one of my favorite sports, backpacking. My body that was once a well oiled machine was now gooey, and screaming at me most of the time.

But that’s all over now. And I have p90x and Beachbody to thank. They have revolutionized the health and fitness industry, and I have learned so much. I’m so enthusiastic about it, I just want to help others achieve some level, all, or more of the health I have been able to achieve through this companies products. Which is why I’ve become a fitness coach for the company, hoping to help.

Living in LA I’ve had the privilege and honor to get to know Tony Horton, the man behind p90x. He is truly a gifted human being, and it’s impressive to hang with him in person. I absorb all that I can from him, and hope I can pass that on to those I coach.

Through this blog I will share information that think is relevant and helpful to becoming a better, healthier, stronger, faster, and happier person!

This past october, I returned from some time away from home, about three months worth of time. I had gotten out of shape, was not eating well, and was ready to make a change when I got home. Funny thing is, when I got back, I didn’t think I was in that bad a shape, but to my surprise, when I started comparing pictures, they suggested otherwise! What a shock. With p90x, the p90x nutrition program and Shakeology, I was able to completely change my physique in 90 days. It was a crazy reminder how effective this program is when followed with some dedication. I started the program at 152 pounds and 12% bodyfat, and ended at 156 pounds and 8% bodyfat. I lose 6 pounds of fat, and gained 9 pounds of muscle! Crazy! Check out my pics and my youtube video and see for yourself.

Way to BRING IT Ted!!!

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