Stephen Steps It UP!

Stephen is another RIPPEDCLUB member from across the pond in the UK, although Stephen cannot join with me as his coach, he still wanted to COMMIT to changing his life and I wanted to help him get there!

Stephen is exactly the kind of guy of love working with! I showed him exactly how to set up his nutrition (and he followed the plan), I told him to be active in our challenge group (and he did), and I told him to press play every single day (and he did)!

…are you seeing a pattern here???

Just check out his 90 day results!

Stephen Rotondo P90X Results

EPIC results mate!!! I bet you could make the queen blush, LOL. I want to also let Stephen tell his own story though as well…

Stephen’s Story: In his own words

I heard about P90X through a bunch of photographers I know in the US, and ended up spending quite a few nights on YouTube watching people’s results videos. I think I must have watched every P90X transformation video on there!

I was still skeptical though. I figured that either these must be people who were already in great shape at some point in their life, and it was just under there waiting to come back, or they must be doing some other training as well, or maybe they have really done 6 rounds of this thing…. In any case, no one can get those results in 90 days, right??

I’m not that guy who used to play football and was in great shape in the good ol’ days. I was never into sports as a kid. Equally, I was never really visibly overweight until the last couple of years, and then I just started to pile on the pounds. Skeptical or otherwise, I needed to do something, and when I stumbled across Coach Todd’s results video and I felt like I’d found someone I trusted.

Todd gave me some advice, set me going in a challenge group, and kept us accountable. I kept pushing play, kept pushing hard, and kept feeling better and better.

This programme is great. If you can commit to the exercise, and perhaps more importantly, commit to the nutrition plan, you will see the results. And the great part is, you see the results FAST!

By day 45, I had hit the goals that I had set myself – dropped from 27% to 15% body fat and 175lbs. If not for Coach Todd and the challenge group I probably would have stopped right there and been happy, but the guys pushed me harder – “how about 8%??!” said Coach Todd.

I thought “why not?!” and kept pushing play.

So okay, on day 90 I didn’t make that crazy 8% challenge, but overall I had dropped 33lbs and gone down to 11% body fat, AND I had visible abs – I just couldn’t believe the change in me those results had given. Just like I saw in those YouTube videos!

It’s not easy by any means. Every workout needs to be at the edge of your limits, and some of them you’ll probably hate – I never look forward to yoga x or legs & back, for example. On the nutrition side, saying “no” to the birthday cake in the office, pasta at my gran’s house and saying no to alcohol in a British pub are all HARD, but hey, it’s three months, and at the end of it if you’re not happy with the results you get, well, then you can go on one hell of a party to forget it all

Stephen Rotondo P90X Results 2

You ROCKED IT Stephen! Well done my friend!

If you want to been lacking the motivation and accountability NEEDED in order to get extreme results like Stephen, then be sure to email me at and ask for more info on our challenge groups! Trust me…a challenge group is the missing link if you have never had success with your fitness! email me!

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