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Sean's 90 Day P90X Results | RIPPEDCLUB

Sean’s 90 Day P90X Results

Ya…you heard it right! In just 90 DAYS of P90X, Sean Erikson lost close to 50lbs!!! These are the kind of results that those quick fix diet pill companies steal and use to advertise, lol.

I could not be more proud of Sean. He came to me with a few questions, took advantage of the resources here on RIPPEDCLUB.net and then just put his head down and did the work! One of the biggest assets that Sean accredits his success to, was joining one of our challenge groups. This really is the missing link that results in the extra push and motivation necessary to complete a fitness program like P90X. Think about it…you are doing a grueling workout 6 days a week after NOT working out at all…You are COMPLETELY changing your eating habits which are extremely difficult to break…But I will let Sean tell his story and you can see how being a part of a team help him get these amazing results!

Sean Erikson p90x results

Sean’s story in his own words:

Prior to starting my fitness journey, I was lost.  I didn’t have the energy to keep up with my kids.  I didn’t have the emotional bandwidth to be a good husband, father, son, friend.  I didn’t have the mental acuity to keep up with my job.  But perhaps the single most immediate and persistent issue was my complete lack of confidence at work and in general.  I started to notice that none of my pants fit, and at work I struggled to keep private that I had to keep my pants undone, hidden underneath my taut belt and strategically overhanging shirt.  I literally felt like I was falling apart.  Not to mention the always-present heartburn, the sweating at inappropriate times, the feelings of insecurity at kids events and feelings of general inadequacy, and frankly, depression.
If there is a single event that sums up where I was in life, here it is:  Last summer, when I took my daughter to Cedar Point (a local amusement park), I barely fit in the seat on the Millenium roller coaster.  After struggling to attach the seatbelt, I only managed to secure it after seeing the look in the eyes of the ride worker that he was about to ask me to depart the ride.
Sean's myfitnesspal progressFinally, I decided that for my own sanity, I had to get my health on track.  On March 19, 2013, I started a 9 week ramp-up to P90X, starting off easily enough with daily, early morning resistance workouts, cardio and core work.  During this phase, I also did extensive research online to understand the P90X nutrition plan.  Up until this point, I always had this nagging belief that life-long nutrition was somehow out of my grasp…a mixture of luck, black magic and voodoo…clearly too difficult to understand with all of the conflicting material in the media, the Internet, magazines and books.  It was not until I came across Coach Todd Warren’s YouTube videos on making sense of the nutrition plan, the Fat Shredder diet and the use of myfitnesspal.com that it all started to finally make sense.  It was literally a God-send and proved to be THE tipping point for me.
On May 30, 2013, I started my P90X journey, armed with the knowledge from Coach Todd and real encouragement not only from him, but from the awesome folks on rippedclub.net, Facebook, friends and family (especially my Uncle Kevin who did P90X with me).  As a result of finishing P90X and hitting my macros every day, planning my daily meals like a crazy guy and simply hitting play every day, I literally feel like a different person, not only at home, but especially at work.  My confidence is at levels I never thought possible.  My  mental acuity has never been sharper.  Heck, I keep amazing myself with these flashback memories back to my childhood…memories I had long forgotten, and likely would never have remembered had I not taken this journey.  Weird, I know!
What I didn’t anticipate when I started P90X is the realization that completing it was only the start of a lifelong journey of fitness and healthy eating…and of kicking butt every day!  This morning was my first workout following the completion of P90X, which, as it turns out, was a Yoga X session at 5:00 AM, sweating it out as the sun came up.  Working out without the bounds of being driven to finish P90X was liberating, because this workout was built on top of all of the others, and even more than all of the others, was the most for me…I literally felt “at home”.

One of the KEY factors in getting results like Sean did is having someone who has gone before you and gotten the results that you want. Then it becomes as simple as monkey see monkey do. If you want the same results as someone else…do what they did. It really is that simple!

Thats why I want you to make me your free coach right now. If you REALLY want the results…then lock arms with me and let me show you how to do it. You will get one-on-one support, motivation, tips, and advice from me (Coach Todd) personally! On top of that, you get the support of our entire RIPPEDCLUB crew! Lets make it happen!

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