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P90X2 Results - Chris | RIPPEDCLUB

P90X2 Results – Chris

From beer and cigarettes to P90X2 and Shakeology. Awesome job Chris! Your transformation is truly inspiring and shows that there really are no boundaries when you have the desire to succeed!


Chris’s Story in his own words:

Growing up I was always a small kid. When I graduated from high school I weighed around 126lbs, which was very small considering that I am 5 “9″! As time went on I started to put on weight like most of us as we get older. I eventually got to such a state in my health that there were certain things I couldn’t do like I used to. My weight was starting to catch up to me! I always had these little fantasies of being in shape, and I would picture what my life would be like if I was. I liked to do things out doors like hiking, running, and kayaking, but they were hard for me to do because I was out of shape and heavy, so most of them stayed my own personal fantasies. I had tried dieting, and getting in shape in the past but it never worked. When I say “Dieting” I meant to say I would eat less, and by saying “get in shape” I meant to say I would do some push ups and sit ups.

In the late spring of 2010 I got P90X. Boy was I excited to start. I figured I would try to diet for a month after the new year to get ready to start P90x on Feb 1st of 2011. Feb 1st rolled around and I started P90x. Man it was tough, but I got through the workouts – Barely! “Just press play.” as Tony would say. As the 90 days went on I stuck to the workouts and didn’t miss a day. The diet on the other hand was a little different. I didn’t follow the nutrition guide. I just ate what I thought was healthier during the week. Then on the weekends I would allow myself to eat whatever I wanted because of all the hard work I put in during the week. I would also drink beer on the weekends. This usually consisted of a 30 pack each weekend. I was also still was using nicotine. This was how I did the whole first round.

Summer of 2011 started and it was time for p90x round 2. I had lost some weight and body fat but not much. I didn’t see the results the guys and gals had on the internet either. So this time I said I would tighten things up a little bit more. I started to read up on nutrition and learn as much as I could. I did another whole 90 days of P90X without missing a workout. As far as nutrition goes I started to pay attention to what I was eating more and tried to make healthier choices, not just cutting back. On the weekends I still drank beer all weekend, but I cut my cheat days down to one. Well my 90 days was up again and guess what? I did loose more weight and lost more body fat, but I still didn’t look like the guys and gals on TV or the internet!

By this time it was late in the year and I knew P90X2 was coming out around Christmas. I placed my pre-order and decided to do one more round of P90x before I started P90X2. Again I tried to eat healthy during the week and have only one cheat day on the weekends. I also tried to cut the beer consumption down to just one day, but usually would drink all weekend. The one thing I did do consistently was Every Workout, even through the Holidays! My results this time were just like the 2 times prior to this one. I lost some more weight and more body fat. I also still didn’t look anywhere near what the others looked like on TV or the internet. I did have a coach but I didn’t pay much attention to him or what he had to say. I told myself I was doing my best and that is all I could ask for. My copy of P90X2 would be here soon and I thought that maybe that would be my final answer.

Well around Christmas of 2011 two things changed. The first is my copy of P90X2 came in the mail, and the second was I felt I myself had changed. I’m not sure what happened, but something inside me decided to change. I guess I was tired of being embarrassed of how I looked. I had been bragging to my friends and family that I was doing P90X and I was getting in shape. They would never say anything but I knew what they were thinking. I was still big and had no where near the results of the people on the Internet. I had let myself down. Especially my coach! For the last year I watched this man pour his heart and soul into his articles on his webpage and I still wouldn’t listen to him. I made up every excuse in the book of why I needed a cheat day, or why I deserved a few beers on the weekends.

Well that all changed the second week into January of 2012. Coach Wayne started a challenge for P90x2 called the X2 Crew. About 500-600 people signed up to complete P90X2 together. This time my diet was spot on! No more cheat days, cheat meals, No beer, No Nicotine – Nothing! I finally decided to commit to the program and my coach, and Guess What? The program works. The program actually works Extremely Well. P90x and P90X2 are life changing programs that complement each other. I don’t think one is better than the other I think they both are necessary to achieve an elite fitness level. I am now in the Best Shape I have ever been in before. I owe it all to Coach Wayne, P90X, and P90X2.

Change isn’t easy, and I find it interesting how I myself and people in general change. It has taken me over a year to finally complete P90X the way it was meant to be completed. Now that it is all done, I would say that I wouldn’t have changed a thing. Everyone does things at their own pace. Each time I failed at a round of P90X I gained a little bit more knowledge of what not to do. You just have to pick yourself back up and keep trying. My outlook on fitness has changed to the point that I absolutely love it. I can’t wait to get home to do my next P90X, P90X2 routine. My old obsessions, food, alcohol, and nicotine have been replaced by new healthier obsessions. I don’t miss the old Chris at all. There are so many new things I want to try to do with my new body. I feel like this is who I was meant to be. I just got side tracked over the years. Sometimes it takes drastic measures to make people change. I’m glad I did.

I have to thank my coach again for being persistent with his articles, which kept me coming back for more. I thank my wife BJ as well, not once did she make a comment on how I kept failing. She just kept doing what she does best and making me feel good as a person. She never once made me feel like I was less of a man for not completing what I said I would – I made myself feel that way. As a husband and a man we don’t like to admit defeat, but I was defeated for a year. The main thing is that I learned from this and came back stronger until I came out the victor.

This Journey is why I decided to become a Coach. I want to help the average man or woman who needs that little push or guidance, because they might not have the knowledge to achieve their weight loss or fitness goals. I want to “Pay It Forward” as it was done to me. With a little hard work we can all look and feel better! For me, this is a new lifestyle that I live everyday! I feel as though I have been born again and now have a new life! I want to share the way I feel with everyone who wants to listen. I do not claim to know all there is, but as a team (Team DestinationRipped) we can help others and ourselves gain the knowledge of proper fitness and nutrition to better individuals and people in general.

Remember,This isn’t a sprint, it is a marathon and a lifestyle change.

Thanks, Chris White (Coach Whitee)


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