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Weigh Meat Raw Or Cooked? - The Battle Lines Are Drawn | RIPPEDCLUB

Weigh Meat Raw Or Cooked?

weigh meat raw or cookedWhether to weigh meat raw or cooked is one of the most debated topics in the health and fitness arena, so I thought…”why cant I get in on this and stir the mud?”

Whats surprising is how beligerent people can get over the topic as if it were some principle worth going to war over. In reality thought whether you weigh meat raw or cooked will not have a significant impact on your results – And thats what we are all after right?

So I am going to share my thoughts on the subject in the video below and I will let you decide whether to weigh meat raw or cooked…Its your journey after all and you have to do what works best for you!


Should You Weigh Meat Raw Or Cooked?

Worth mentioning…

I was just thinking after I made this video about how people cook steak. Some people like their steak pretty rare, while others prefer their steak well done. Depending on how your meat is prepared, it will affect the overall cooked weight of the meat. You are still eating the same amount of protein, but one steak retains more moisture than the other. This is why its important to weigh your meat as you purchase it or as guided by the label on the packaging.

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