The Cost of Health

One of the most common excuses I hear for not being able to stick a nutrition plan is that “It costs too much”.  Before we get much further, I want you to say something to yourself and really dwell on this. “My health costs too much”.  Go ahead and repeat it a few times. Think about the implications of that statement for a moment too.  What are you saying?  In my opinion, #1 – you are saying that your health is not a priority. #2 – you are saying that your health and well being are not worth your hard earned dollars.  And #3 – When you say eating healthy costs too much, you are saying, I dont care about my health…

This sounds a bit harsh, but consider your actions when you prioritize other things in your life that cost money.  You make adjustments.  You drive less, you use coupons, you go out to dinner less.  You do what you can to afford what you prioritize!

For the average American, if you prioritize your health by purchasing healthy foods, you would actually be saving yourself money!  $5 per day…that is the American average spent on candy, soda and fast food.  Thats $35 per week, $1820 per year on junk that pollutes your body.  Imagine how you would feel if you took that $5 per day and invested, yes invested it in foods that promote your health.  You will have more satisfaction, more energy, a better immune system and an overall better lifestyle for starters.

For me, before I started X-in it up, there was a time where I was going to McDonalds every single morning and spending $3 on a breakfast “value” meal (I now have a hard time seeing the value).  On top of that, I was hittin up Carls Jr for a double western bacon cheeseburger combo WITH A MALTED MILKSHAKE….almost 3 times per week at around $9 per visit.  These choices left me with guilt, with an upset gut, and a lack of satisfaction that could only be managed with more junk…On top of what I personally was spending eating out, my wife was doing the same.  And when we went out as a family, we always spend atleast $30 for a single meal.  Our health wasnt the only thing hurting, our bank account was hurting too!

And how does my budget look now that I have been eating clean for almost 8 months???  I bring my lunch to work every day.  I dont go out to dinner anymore, except for the OCCASIONAL much needed/deserved date night, lol.  That is our treat though about once per month (healthy menu choices of course).  Eating at home has been the biggest cost saver for us.  Yes the fresh produce costs more.  Yes the Shakeology costs more.  Yes the lean meats cost more than the ground beef with hamburger helper…But overall, I am not spending any MORE money than I used to on food.  I have prioritized my health and made adjustments to old habits to enable me to afford a healthy diet.

Then there is THE COST of NOT eating healthy…The real cost.  What is the cost of being overweight and unhealthy?  How much more money will you spend in the long run on medical care because you decided that the drive thru was a better choice than brown baggin it for lunch?  What will you miss out on in your kid’s lives because you were too tired…This is the real tragedy of CHOOSING to not eat healthy.

Even if I did spend more money on healthier foods (which I do not this is the case), isnt it worth it?  Is it worth it to never get sick?  Is it worth it to have the energy to be a part of my childrens life? Is it worth it to avoid the risk of heart disease, diabetese, high blood pressure, high cholesterol and the cost of the meds to treat these?

There is A HUGE COST to not eating healthy and being fit.  Be sure you look at your priorities and ask yourself the question…IS IT WORTH IT?  I hope that after reading this you find yourself replacing the excuse of “I cant afford to eat healthy” with “I cant afford not to eat healthy


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