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What to Do After a MASSIVE Cheat Meal - Its SO Simple... | RIPPEDCLUB


what to do after a massive cheat mealSo your day is goin awesome nutrition wise…You’ve logged everything into myfitnesspal, you’ve stuck to the plan…nothing is going to stop you from killin today’s macros…But then your buddies show up with pizza, or your wife cooks a dinner that isnt so agreeable with your goals, or you walk by that stupid candy dish at work, or you hit the end of a stressful day and you just lose control…like I did!

Watch the video below to learn what happened to me and why I stuffed my face full of pumpkin pie, Doritos, and chocolate truffles…You will also see what I do when I have a massive cheat meal like that.


What To Do After A MASSIVE Cheat Meal



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Has something like this every happened to you??? What did you do the next day or how did you deal with it? Post your comments below and share any tips you have that have helped you succeed when you slip up on your nutrition.

Now its time to BRING IT & inspire others to do the same!

Coach Todd

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