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Healthy Condiments - Nobody Likes A Nazi Nutrition Plan | RIPPEDCLUB

Healthy Condiments

I am a condiment maniac – so in desperation some time ago, I needed to find healthy condiments…I love ketchup, barbeque sauce, mustard, salsas. You know what, I am actually going to say this…I love Miracle Whip. I believe deep in my heart that it really is a miracle!

But the sad fact is that most condiments, in the American diet at least, are nutritional nightmares – And if you have been on a fat shredder plan for some time, then you know exactly how tempting a little bbq sauce can be on your lightly seasoned 12oz chicken breast after 3 months of lean meats.

So what I wanted to do today was cover some of the healthy condiments that I personally use that you can have guilt free and still stay on track to meet those goals that drove you to do that crazy PX90 thingy.

Healthy Condiments – Have as much as you like!

Mustard – I learned to love this when I found tuna. It has next to no calories and is primarily just mustard seeds and vinegar. Plain yellow mustard is the best, but dont hesitate to explore different varieties. Just be sure you watch out for added sugars.

Hot Sauce – Did you know that this healthy condiment can actually be addicting? Well, not the hot sauce itself, but the spiciness is addicting. It actually releases endorphins! Again, no calories in most hot sauces. I for one am partial to Tapatio. It has a phenomenal flavor with just the right amount of burn!

Salsa – This is my savior that redeemed my love for chicken breasts. I got so sick and tired of Mr. Dash that I could have strangled her had I met her at a home and garden show. But that’s when I found salsa…Its the next best thing to ketchup pretty much without all the nasty sugar and high fructose corn syrup. Not to mention I get my fix from the spiciness! Eat up!

Flavored Extracts – These are great to liven up your protein shakes. My favorite is to take some root beer extract and add it to some vanilla protein whey. BOOM! Got yourself a root beer float! Or a little mint extract in your chocolate whey shake and you got thin mint girl scout cookies! This might not be considered a condiment in most circles, but I am looking at healthy items that liven up the sometimes blandness of healthy eating. So I am going to go ahead and say that yes, flavored extracts ARE healthy condiments.

Oil Based Dressings – Use a light vinaigrette for your salads or even a light honey mustard. Again though, watch out for sugars that will creep up on you without warning.


My Best Advice For Healthy Condiments

The best thing you can do when looking to add condiments to your nutrition plan is to ask yourself, “how is this going to help me”. If it keeps you from plowing through a plate of brownies that your grandma just made, then I say go for the condiment in moderation.

This isn’t some Nazi nutrition plan where all is forbidden and you die if you deviate, but you need to do what is best for you and your end goal.

Of course also, like everything else that you eat, you need to be tracking any condiments that you do choose to eat. I don’t worry about the 0-5 calorie condiments like mustard, but if you absolutely cant live without bbq sauce for another minute, then take a few seconds and work it into your daily macros so that you hit your targets spot on and you also wont feel guilty because you PLANNED for it!

I hope these healthy condiments that I have listed as well as my tips can help you make the best decision possible that moves you toward you goal!

Oh and if you think Miracle Whip is a miracle as well…Leave me some love by clicking like and leaving a comment!


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