What’s Your Why?

Think about this question very carefully for just a moment…Why?  This is a vary important question no matter what the context is, but when it comes to health, fitness and weight loss, this question should be foundational.  The reason that this question of “Why” is so important is because that if you have a big enough reason, you will do ANYTHING to achieve your objective.

We all naturally ask questions like “how do I do this” or “how do I get those results”, and while these questions are legitimate, they should not be the foundational question that we all need to be asking.  The most important question we could ever ask is WHY.  “Why do I want to loose weight”, “Why do I want to get ripped”, or “Why do I need to change my diet”.

Questions like these are the types of questions that will drive your passion and push you when you want to quit!  Without a why you have no goal, no direction and no reason to stick with it.  Your WHY is what is going to keep you on the wagon at the next dinner party or birthday party.  Your WHY is a constant reminder of the light at the end of the tunnel.  IT WILL KEEP YOU!  Without it, you are more vulnerable to quit your workouts if your too tired or have a cheat meal because you had a tough day at work.

The way of the world is always looking for the quick fix based on an impulse rather than addressing any root issues.  This is the reason people wear a belt that sends electronic charges to there abs to lose weight and get ripped.  This is why we see soooo many gimmick diets out there that DO NOT give lasting results, but guarantee you can fit into those jeans again…ya for a day or two MAYBE.  Instant results would be great! I wouldnt mind getting instantly shredded without all the hard work, who wouldnt?  But the fact of the matter is that instant results are not realistic in the world of health and fitness.  Now dont get me wrong; you can get AMAZING results fast with programs like P90X and INSANITY, but never instantly and never without hard work!  The alternative is to find a reason worth working hard for and this will keep you on track and on pace to achieve your goals.

Here is a list of the reasons WHY I decided to get ripped:

  1. I have always been ashamed of my body and I couldnt take it anymore
  2. God gave me this body and I should take care of it
  3. I want to inspire others to take care of the body God has given them
  4. I want more energy so I can play with my kids and stay awake with my wife
  5. I want to get RIPPED to prove that my body is not in control of me!

Maybe your list looks a little like mine.  Maybe it doesnt.  But you need to write down your reasons WHY and make sure that you never forget them, because this fitness journey that your are on or about to embark upon, will not be easy.  If it was easy, then everyone would be in shape and doctors would be out of work lol.  When you have these engrained into your heart, they will empower you to go beyond what you thought capable of yourself and you are going to feel like a million bucks when you achieve your objective!  So what are waiting for!  GO GET IT DONE!

BRING IT folks!

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