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Weight Loss Frustrations | RIPPEDCLUB

Weight Loss Frustrations

During my first round of P90X I lost nearly 30 lbs then in the first half of round-2, my weight loss leveled out  and I didnt lose much weight which was a bit frusterating. But by the end of my 2nd round I had lost another 20lbs. Why the fluctuations? Why the difference? Why wasnt the weight loss steady and consistent since my diet and exercise were steady and consistent? The reason is because this is the body’s natural reaction to the nutrition, supplements, and workouts.

It is extremely common for people to contact me asking why they lost a ton of weight in the first month, but have now seen that weight loss taper off, maybe even to a halt. Some people go there first few weeks without ever seeing the scale budge while others are losing a pound a day. Let me put your mind at ease and tell you that this is completely normal. What you need to focus on is the end goal, not the day to day progress. When you are focused and determined to stick this out for the long run, the results will take care of themselves. I encourage those who are experiencing those “slow” periods in their weightloss to realize that your body is changing and adjusting all at the same time to your nutrition, different supplements you are using, and the different workouts you are throwing at it. Stay focused on what you can do each day that will help you reach your desired results and dont get caught up in the wight loss fluctuations. Eventually you will notice that your body will begin to get over that hump and you will be closer to your goal.

It is really easy to get focused on what the scale says, but you cant control the rate at which you lose weight. What you need to do is stay focused on what you CAN control, which is what you eat, how much rest you get, whether or not you push play and get your workouts in, and how hard you push during those workouts. These are the only things that you can control. Your body is going to do what it wants at the rate that it wants. There are so many factors that come into play when it comes to weightloss that its not even funny. You have your gender, genetics, hormones etc. All of these things can effect the rate at which you lose weight. Some weeks you will see huge changes and other weeks you might see only small changes. This is just part of a journey…Every single day you need to tell yourself that you are going to do whatever you can do to get closer to your goal. Let your body do its thing and you do yours.

It took me 210 days to lose 50lbs! Some of you have lost 25lbs in the first half of a 90 day round of P90X! Are you kidding me…that is amazing! Be content with the progress you have made so far, but if you know you could do better then do better. If you know that your slowed results are because of a lack of commitment to your nutrition and workouts, then step it up a notch and get focused. If you are doing everything that you can do to the best of your ability, then the results will come! For many of us it took years and years, maybe even decades to get out of shape and fat. There is no 100% guarantee that you will reach your goal by day 60, 90, or even 180. The one guarantee that is valid is that if you continue on track with doing what it takes to reach your goal, then EVENTUALLY you will get there. This is not a sprint RIPPEDCLUB, this is a change in lifestyle that takes time to adjust to.

So whether you have lost a ton of weight fast or are losing it steadily or havent experience much change at all. Stay focused on your goals and doing whay you can do and leave the results up to your body. Keep pressing play, keep tracking your nutrition, keep plugging in to the RIPPEDCLUB community for support. Come to me with questions or if you need some motivation!!! Thats why I am your coach! Just promise me you wont GIVE UP when you sense something in your journey as a set-back. YOU PUSH FORWARD! NO EXCUSES!

What type of fluctuations have you experienced in your fitness journey? How did you deal with it?

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