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The Quick Fix - The REAL Solution To Lasting Results | RIPPEDCLUB

The Quick Fix

There is no doubt that every single one of us would love a quick fix to our health, obesity, and fitness struggles. That fact is displayed in the marketplace and you see it probably hundreds of times per day via advertising. You here about your friend who is doing this HGC thing or sprinkling something on all their food so they dont gain weight…The options are endless and downright ridiculous when it comes to our obsession with the quick fix to weight-loss and getting fit and healthy.

I remember back in high school…I had put on a good amount of weight and this new thing came out called Hydroxycut. I was looking for a fast solution to my weight problem so I got on these diet pills. Back then they still had ephedra in them which is now a banned substance by the FDA. Let me tell you…the stuff worked!

But guess what happened…I gained it all back again plus another 34 pounds.

In December of 2010 I weighed 228 pounds. I was at 27% body fat and I had never felt worse in my entire life.

I had NO energy, NO motivation, I was ashamed and embarrassed.

So why didnt I keep the weight off after taking the diet pills?

You are a smart group and I know you can probably guess what the rest of this blog post is going to sound like, but I think it needs heard periodically. Even I need to hear what I am talking about from time to time. Just because I am fit now does not mean that I dont have my struggles.

I still want the cookies and brownies…I still want the fetticcinni alfredo…I still want the breakfast sample platter with endless pancakes…I am not super-human. I still have cravings and I still slip up once in a while, but overall I have made a choice.

What choice is that?


The Choice You All Need To Make

There is a choice that I made that you all need to make as well if you have any desire to get the results you want and maintain those results. That choice is the choice to change your lifestyle.

Real and lasting change is never instant. It is always a process of failures and victories, but in the end your enduring desire to acheive your goal trumps your failures. The problem with the quick fix to health and weight loss is that it does not require you to go through any type of battle to achieve your goal. Without the battle, you have no respect for what it takes to have lasting results. Taking a pill everyday or sprinkling some magic fat loss dust on every meal is not a sustainable solution, nor does it teach you the habits necessary to maintain your results.

The only way to get lasting results is to develop the habits that support lasting results <— I came up with that myself, lol.

And you all know what those habits are! Its the habit of choosing the grilled chicken salad when your family decides to have dinner at the local gourmet burger joint. Its the habit of paying attention to what you are putting in your body. Its the habit of tracking your nutrition. Its the habit of pushing play every single day even when you dont want to

And why would you do all this?…Because it betters your quality of life. You only get one body and the secret to taking care of that body long term is not some quick fix. If you rely on the quick fix to solve your health issues, then I can guarantee you will be right back where you started in a matter of months.


So how do I make the lifestyle change?

Its got to be a choice. No one is going to make it for you! You have to decide that taking care of your body is more beneficial than trying to band-aid the big issue. The big issue again – is that you have developed habits over a long period of time that do not support a healthy lifestyle. When you finally DECIDE and COMMIT to getting healthy and developing the habits necessary to support your goals, then and only then will you begin to see lasting change!

You absolutely have to want it though. If you dont have a “why” then you will simply never reach your goals…Check out the video below that I made on why goals dont work…


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