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But Its THANKSGIVING...Your Elastic Pants Anecdote! | RIPPEDCLUB


thanksgiving overeatingOn Thursday, most Americans are going to put on their elastic pants and prepare for a bountiful feast that is sure to put a smile on your doctor’s face when you pay that insurance deductible.

While MOST people in America are testing the elasticity of their pants, I know that we here in the RIPPEDCLUB Nation are going to be planning on a Thanksgiving that goes against the grain. While many who are “on a diet” will be touting the excuse of, “its Thanksgiving…”, you and I will be sitting proud knowing that we put our goals…(the bigger picture)…ahead of momentary pleasure.


You Told Me Your Goal Was Important…

I have already seen many people PLANNING on demolishing whatever progress they have made in the last 2-3 weeks with their nutrition and workouts. Its as if being thankful REQUIRES a day of gluttony and total disregard for what you said was important to you, IE: losing weight, fitting into those pants, that dress…

So what are you REALLY saying when you exchange your goal of losing weight and achieving the body you want for a moment of pleasure – like a Thanksgiving dinner lathered in gravy with pie, ice cream and all the other fixins…You are telling me that your gluttony is more important to you than your goal…


Here is What I am NOT Saying…

  • I am NOT saying that you cannot enjoy a Thanksgiving dinner with some food items that are not usually in your nutrition plan.
  • I am NOT saying that you cant have pie or ice cream or any of that stuff
  • I am NOT saying that your health goals are not important to you if you eat off the plan
  • I am NOT saying that its the end of the world if you ingest 5000 calories this Thanksgiving

I just want you to put your goals in perspective and ask yourself the question…

is the momentary pleasure (and guilt) WORTH a set back on my goals?

Is my goal LESS important on Thanksgiving than it will be the next day?


So How Can I Stay on Track This Thanksgiving?

gluttonySimple… Its called moderation. You can have some stuffing, some potatoes, some gravy…I wouldnt recommend it if you are still struggling to form healthy eating habits. But if you choose to do so, then do so in moderation! Dont go overboard!

  1. A good rule of thumb that I would use for healthy items like lean turkey and veggies. Eat as much as you would with any other meal. Dont get a double serving just because its Thanksgiving. Dont go back for seconds and thirds just because its Thanksgiving.
  2. A good rule of thumb that I would use for those food items that are not so goal oriented… I would only dish up a half serving of those items. A half serving would be HALF the size of your closed fist. And dont go back for seconds and thirds of these things either, lol.
  3. And finally, TRACK YOUR NUTRITION!!! Enter everything that is on your plate into myfitnesspal. If you have a smart phone, you have no excuse not to know how many calories you are putting in your gut! And if you really want to go buck wild and eat whatever you want, try the IIFYM Diet on Thanksgiving!

I just want you to succeed…I hate seeing someone mess up one time and have that single event thrust them into a downward spiral of defeat.

Do your BEST…Forget the rest…I love you guys!

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Coach Todd

PS: If you are sick and tired of the guilt of falling off the wagon, We are starting a 30 day online challenge group on Monday, December 2nd; that is going to show you how to prevent failure and provide you with the support and resources you need to get serious results! Be sure to email me at coachtodd@rippedclub.net or comment below for more info!


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