RIPPEDCLUB Recognition


I wanted to take this opportunity to recognize a few people who have been absolutely CRUSHING IT!! I am talking about people who are 100% committed to getting results, and doing whatever it takes to get there! It takes a special kind of person to actually change their life and these people deserve a cyber round of applause!!!

In addition to those who have committed to getting healthy and fit, I wanted to recognize a few of the RIPPEDCLUB coaches who have been ROCKIN IT by paying it forward! These coaches are 100% committed to ending the trend of obesity in our nation and whole heartedly care about people! Coaching is about helping others and that is exactly what these coaches have set out to do AND its the reason they are seeing success!


Check out these RIPPEDCLUB members who are getting outstanding results!

Kyle Scroggins


Johanna Godas

Justin Michel

Eric Whitehead

Daniel Benner

Paul Mcdonnell

You guys are doing phenomenal work and are the perfect examples of our RIPPEDCLUB motto: NO EXCUSES!!! Way to go guys!

Now I want to recognize those who have become RIPPEDCLUB Coaches. These are people who love the products they use like P90X and Shakeology – But in addition to using them, they want to help others have success as well! Please help me in congratulating these fine members of RIPPEDCLUB for joining the ranks of coaches who are dedicated to getting this nation healthy!



  • Marco Sulistio
  • Johanna Godas
  • Brandon Jenkins
  • Irene Espino
  • Javier Valdez
  • Justin Mambaje
  • Tammie Warren
  • Matt Kingery
  • Clifton Parrish



In addition I want to give a huge shout out to JUSTIN MAMBAJE and TODD KEMPER! Justin reached Emerald rank coach in just 8 days and is committed to growing his business while helping people get fit. And Todd, or TK as the members of RIPPEDCLUB know him…Todd and his wife are absolutely tearing it up now that they are back from Summit. Todd and his wife are literally altering the lifespan of their entire family and I could not be more proud of them!! Way to go guys, you really are an inspiration and I have no doubt that coaching and helping others is going to help you live out your own dreams!!!

If you would like more info about becoming a coach yourself, you can email me directly at to set up a phone call to see if you are a right fit for our team. Or you can look over some of the details by clicking here before you contact me.


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Everyone is looking good!!! 



Way to go guys. Awesome transformations........