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Plan for Success

For some it seems that success just comes naturally. For all of us normal people, we have to work our tails off for it! Financial success, relational success, success with our health and fitness. You name it, all success takes hard work. Often times though on the road to success there are bumps, pot holes, or sometimes even road blocks. What will determine whether or not you arrive at your definition of success is how you deal with each obstacle you come into contact with on that road.

I want you to think right now about where you want to be with your health, fitness, or physique. Now ingrain that into your mind and focus on that goal for the remainder of this post.  One foundational principal of reaching a goal is having something to measure your results against. For a person who wants to be a lawyer, that point is passing the bar exam; for the person aspiring to become a doctor, it could be their MCAT test. We need a goal, a destination so to speak, to measure our success.

For me that goal was reaching 7% body fat. This was very lofty goal considering I was at 27% when I began P90X, and to some people my goal was just plain foolishness.  But that didnt matter to me.  I knew there would be obstacles and once you accept that there WILL BE OBSTACLES, you begin to plan on ways to overcome them rather than being confronted with them by surprise. On my road to success, the bumps and pot holes were my level of dedication and nutrition.  During my first 1.5 rounds of P90X, that snooze button in the mornings, I swear was created by Satan himself to knock me off the road to my success, lol. I found myself only doing about 75% of the workouts because of that stupid snooze button. And my nutrition wasnt on par with what is was going to take to get down to 7% body fat. I knew I needed to eat with precision! So how did I overcome these obstacles? Well, I put my alarm clock across the room so that I had to get out of bed and walk to it to turn it off. And my nutrition, I started keeping track!!! Both of these things that I did were so simple, yet they revolutionized my results! I dont miss workouts anymore and my nutrition is on target every day. I love the saying that “if you fail to plan, plan on failure”.

You still have that goal on your mind right? Because now I want you to not just think about, but PLAN on what obstacles you are going to encounter (or that you are currently encountering) and determine how you will get past those obstacles. Here are some very common obstacles that you might find:

  • Making time to workout everyday
  • Your job has you on the road and its hard to stick to the nutrition plan
  • Injury
  • You are going on vacation
  • You are a busy parent
  • You are a busy student
  • You cant afford to eat healthy – Read THIS

Writing down your PLAN to overcome these obstacles somewhere where you will see it everyday, will greatly increase that chance of you actually following through with your plans too! Sounds cheesy, but trust me, when you see it and are reminded of it, you are better equipped for the road ahead. Share your goal and your plan of action with other people too! Let them know that you want to do 100 push-ups. Tell someone you are going to lose 25 pounds. Say to people with confidence that you are going to throw an elephant into the sea!…maybe not that one, but get pumped up about it and let others know! When others know what your plan is and how you are going to achieve it, they will be asking you about it. “Hows the weight loss comin?”, “Hows that elephant thing workin out for ya?” They can be a form of accountability to you.

You have what it takes to reach your goals! Those bumps, pot holes and road blocks will meet you on your road to success, but you have already planned for those and are equipped to overcome them!!! You know what its going to take and you are not going to let anything stand between you and the success you have PLANNED for!

Thats how we roll in RIPPEDCLUB!


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