P90X DOESN’T Work!!!

Thats right you heard me!!! P90X DOESNT work!!! “But, Todd!”, you say; “What about the results that YOU got using P90X?” Okay good point. So maybe P90X just works for some people, or maybe it just worked for me (1 out of over 6 million users)?


So What’s with You Todd? – P90X DOESNT Work!!!

I have this issue. I have this issue with people saying that P90X doesnt work. How on earth can someone say that P90X doesnt work when over 6 million copies have been sold? You would think with that kind of volume, maybe…just maybe there might be somethin to this PX90 (what your mother-in-law calls it) thing. Granted if you had read my article called “Dedicated”, you would know that only 25% of the people who buy P90X ACTUALLY complete the 90 day program. Whats even more astounding is that only 50% of those people that completed the entire 90 days, did so following the nutrition plan. So lets bust out our calculators and do a quick elementary math problem.

6,000,000 copies sold x 25% = 1,500,000 people who have completed the full P90X program.

1,500,000 x 50% = 750,000 people who completed P90X AND followed the nutrition plan.

750,000 ÷ 6,000,000 = 12.5%.

So I guess you could say in fairness that its true…P90X doesnt work for 87.5% of the people who bought it.


But Who’s Fault Is It? – P90X DOESNT Work!!!

And the answer of course is ITS YOUR FAULT. See before December 20, 2010 I had attempted P90X 5 or 7 times. I never made it past week 6! Why did I fail so many times and what did I do differently in late 2010? I am going to tell you EXACTLY what I did wrong all those times before.

#1 Blaming My Circumstances – I didnt get enought sleep, today was exhausting at work, we have friends coming over, I cant NOT eat birthday cake at a birthday party…that would offend them, I am way too sore…Any of these sound familiar? Blaming your circumstances is a nice way of saying making excuses!!!

If you want to succeed with ANY fitness program, or any endeavor in life for that matter, you need to bag the excuses and prioritize. If you really wanted to change…If you really wanted to get RIPPED…If you really wanted to fit into that dress…Whatever it is, if you actually wanted it then you would create a plan and stick to that plan in order to reach your goals.

I bagged the excuses in 2010 when I started P90X again. I set in stone in my mind that I was not to miss a workout, no matter what the circumstance. Travel – screw it! The hotel has a gym. Up late for work – screw it! I got goals that need met!!! When the goal supersedes how you feel…YOU WIN!

#2 I Will Just Eat Healthy – This was my solution to the overwhelming complexity of the P90X nutrition guide (truth is I hated reading) The problem with “just eating healthy” is that you still have no clue about how much of what is going into your body unless you were tracking it. The other problem with just eating healthy is that you allow yourself a little wiggle room since “After all, I have been eating super good lately…I deserve this”.

The more regimented the nutrition plan is, the better success you will have. The more you understand about how much of what you are putting into your body, the better success you will have. If you havent read my “Tracking Your Nutrition” article, you need to do that like now! This will absolutely MAXIMIZE your results and put you on the path to “WE BUILT THIS CITY” ♫♫♫, RESULTS CITY! (You know you like you some Jefferson Starship!!!)


Solution – Get Plugged In Already!!!

One of the most phenomenal keys to my success was the support of my coach and team! If you have not got yourself a coach yet, then do that now! If thats me awesome! Click the JOIN RIPPEDCLUB Button below if you would like to make me your FREE Team Beachbody Coach and become a part of the most wicked awesome team in the known universe! If thats not me, well then you will just stay fat…LOL, totally kidding!!! If you dont choose me as your coach, that is totally fine, just get that accountability. Get someone who has walked the road before you and can show you the best way to get results! One of the advantages of Joining a team like RIPPEDCLUB though is that you get a crap ton of people who have walked that road!! Not to mention the motivation levels are off the charts when you have more than just your coach to rely on. I am there for you 100%, but so is my team! When you get plugged in, your drive cripples your circumstances, your excuses, and focuses your mind on winning!!!


Hopefully you can relate to this article! People need to read this…I know there are so many people that are just like you and I who struggle to stay committed and end up with the conclusion that P90X doesnt work. That couldnt be further from the truth! So be sure you click the Facebook Like Button and Tweet this article. Also, post in the comments below if you have struggled like I did, or if you are currently stuggling or getting frustrated with your results. Or tell us how you overcame your struggles and succeeded!!!


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