Get Plugged In

This is SO important guys!  Getting plugged in, now what the heck am I talking about.  I am talking about getting plugged into the sources that will keep you motivated and accountable.  For some people, they have great friends who are encouraging and supportive and for others maybe your “plug-in” is going the gym.  Whatever it takes that gives you the greatest momentum in your health and fitness journey, plug in and STAY CONNECTED.

Now staying connected is not something that people focus on when they find that source of motivation or accountability that works for them.  It was very interesting when I use to work out at the gym back in the day.  Every January, there would be 50 more people at the gym.  That is until March rolled around and their 3 month membership was up for renewal.  These people got connected to the source of what is needed to endure and be successful, but disconnecting for whatever reason.  And disconnecting is easy to do when you have no one holding you accountable.

One of the biggest reasons for me creating this website was so that others, like yourself, would have a place where you can come to get the motivation, to get the accountability (if you want it).  If you had some goals when you made me your coach and you told me those goals, you better believe that I will do everything within my ability to help you reach those goals.  Accountability is one of the greatest keys to success in fitness.  That’s why I have a coach too!  If you know that someone genuinely cares for your health and well being, and you know that this person will help you succeed however they can, or possibly kick you in the butt when you need it, then commit to that person!  If I am that person…great!  If that person is a workout partner…perfect!  Just get some accountability so that you have the greatest chance for success right out of the gates.

I love technology (Napoleon Dynamite fans are singing right now, LOL).  Technology has made the social network explode.  The best part about this for you, is that you have tons of places to go to stay connected with people that are going through the same thing as you!  If I am your coach and you are a member of RIPPEDCLUB, then you have our Facebook Page.  I am constantly posting blog links and providing conversation starters there for the everyone to benefit from.  You also can follow me on Twitter to see a motivating message or a link to a video I think people should see.  And if I am not your coach, you can make me you coach and have access to these awesome resources by >>CLICKING HERE.

But to some this all up guys, find a resource and PLUG-IN, get accountable, get some encouragement, give some encouragement and give yourself the greatest opportunity to succeed.



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