Exercise Mindset

One of the biggest hurdexercise mindsetles that I had to overcome in my 60lb weight loss journey was developing an exercise mindset. The desire to get fit was there, but the action plan and the exercise mindset was absent…

This is not something that is developed overnight either! This is why we see gym enrollments spike January 1st each year and then 3 weeks later, you see them plummet. These people had no CLUE what they were getting themselves into! And its not just people that go to the gym either! I lost 60lbs doing P90X and Insanity: The Asylum (at home workouts). Working out from home can be even more challenging since you dont have anyone else but yourself holding you accountable (and therein lies the problem)

So today I wanted to discuss what it takes to go from your current mindset to having an exercise mindset (if you haven’t already obtained the mindset you need to reach your goals). First though, we need to talk about the mind and why it has A LOT more to do with your physical results than you think!



What You THINK Matters Most…With An Exercise Mindset

I am actually going to lose some of you right here because you think getting serious results is all about hitting the weights and eating buckets of grilled chicken with a gallon of whey to wash it down…Humor me and read this entire article! I DO know what I am talking about (which I teach in my FREE 5 Day Bootcamp HERE) and I have the results to prove it…LOL, not trying to be cocking, but it gets frustrating when people (who dont have results) tell the person who DOES have results that, “you dont know what you’re talking about”…Its pretty funny!

Here are 2 things that you NEED TO HAVE before you are able to develop an “exercise mindset”:


#1) No Other Option Than to Succeed:

You have tried this diet, you have tried that body by Numb-Nuts contraption that didnt work…you have come to the end of your rope and you have no other choice than to succeed. You only have one option…there is no turning to the left or right or choosing some other path…YOU HAVE TO SUCCEED because staying where you at or continuing on the path you are on right now is not working. Its killing you, literally!

One thing I have noticed about many of the people who come to me is that they always have a plan B, “just in case P90X doesnt work”…or, “just in case I cant afford Shakeology anymore”

P90X doesnt work because you didnt do it! You cant afford Shakeology anymore because you prioritize cable TV or Starbucks over your body! If you provide yourself a way out…then plan on failing! When you DECIDE that you are going to succeed and that there is no other option than to do just that…then YOU WILL SUCCEED…Then you will reach your goals!


Reaching your goal is a choice!


#2) Take Responsibility

So many people want to blame their circumstances on why they couldnt achieve the goal they set out to conquer.

  • “My spouse was not supportive at all!”
  • “The nutrition plan was impossible to follow”
  • “I have so much school work”
  • “I didnt have the time…” (Now you do!)
  • “I cant afford Shakeology”
  • “I cant DO the exercises”

My wife was frustrated about my new lifestyle…there were plenty of arguments about food in our house! I didnt understand the nutrition plan, so I search and searched and looked into it more until it did make sense. I worked 60+ hours per week. I technically “didnt have time” to workout. I couldn’t afford Shakeology…until I stopped going out to lunch 3-4 times per week! I couldnt do the exercises in P90X as well as the people in the video…so I modified it to where I could!

You see how I took responsibility and didnt let my circumstances control my outcome.








F+N+S+R=S…Exercise Mindset Formula

1004436_836761631362_1458765456_nThis is the fun part and its where I have seen the greatest growth (in a good way, lol) in our RIPPEDCLUB team members! If you follow this same formula, you are going to see results like Armando Nava is getting in our Focus T25 Challenge right now! Check out his Stats after just 6 days!

Armando has lost 11.4lbs and has lost over 4″ in just 6 days because of this Formula that will develop your Exercise Mindset!

Here it is…Its simple and for the past year and a half it has been changing the lives of our team and millions of others!

F + N + S + R = S


This is exactly what is offered when you take part in the Beachbody Challenge with us!
Q: So how does it work?

A: The Beachbody Challenge is completely free to join…so really you have nothing to lose (except body fat) and everything to gain!

  • You choose your Beachbody fitness program
  • You get a solid nutritional foundation with Shakeology
  • You get the support of one of our RIPPEDCLUB Challenge Groups
  • You get rewarded for your results through the Beachbody Challenge!

FITNESS:  You have available to you the most successful at home workouts through Beachbody! The same workouts that helped me lose 60lbs and become an entirely new person!

NUTRITION: Shakeology is a game changer! I has given me the energy and endurance to live an active lifestyle that promotes health! I have seen it get rid of my friend’s type-2 diabetes. People on our team have lost over 100lbs with the help of Shakeology. They have gotten off medications…Its worth it!

SUPPORT: When you DO sign up for the challenge, you will get me (Coach Todd) as your free team beachbody coach to make sure you have everything you need, including step by step guidance on how to get the best results possible! You also get exclusive access to one of our monthly RIPPEDCLUB Challenge Groups! Click Here To Learn About Getting Plugged In!

REWARDS: And when you join the Beachbody Challenge you are eligible for cash prizes!!! (I won $1000 in February of 2012!)

  • $500 daily winners
  • $1000 monthly winners
  • $5000 quarterly winners (plus a paid trip)
  • $100,000 grand prize



Can you see why this formula for creating and maintaining an exercise mindset is so effective??? It covers all the necessary aspects of fitness (workouts, food choices, motivation and support, financial incentive (bonus, lol).

>>Learn more about the Beachbody Challenge Here <<

This is the most SOLID formula for developing and maintaining your exercise mindset!


Lets BRING IT & DIG DEEP Together!

Coach Todd





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