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Dr OZ - FAIL: The Reasons Americans STAY FAT! | RIPPEDCLUB


I had a dentist appointment the other afternoon and got home a little early. Early enough to catch all the Oprah sponsored type shows like Dr Phil, Dr OZ…shows like that.

I took an particular interest in the Dr OZ show because he was talking about his top 10 supplements that he recommends.

I was like, “hmmm, Dr OZ knows some stuff…I’ll go ahead and stay tuned to see what he says. Maybe I will see something that I personally use!”

They got me hook line and sinker as soon as the preview said, “stay tuned for Dr OZ’s top 10 MUST HAVE supplements.”


So What Did Dr OZ Deliver?

In the short time that I watched this segment, I realized something.

I knew why so many Americans still struggled with their weight.

Why they will never lose weight and keep it off.

I witnessed first hand the mindset that will keep America fat for generations to come!

And you know what?

It was so sad to watch this man who has an incredible amount of influence over the people of this country WASTE that blessed influence.

Dr OZ, in that moment, had a chance to change hundreds and thousands of viewers lives…

But he took a different route.


Because he gave the viewers what they wanted!!!


Americans WANT To Stay Fat!

You heard me!

By and large Americans do not care about their weight or their health or else they would do something about it.

If Americans ACTUALLY wanted to lose weight and get healthy, they would! Its a matter of priority.

They dont prioritize their health over things like convenience and satisfaction of cravings, therefore they dont really want to get fit!

The statistics prove it if you dont believe me! Check out the CDC statistics for 2010 on adult obesity in the US.

Over a quarter of our population is clinically obese and its only getting worse as time goes on!


“But I know people who are fat who want to lose weight!”…Really?…Do They???


The fact of the matter is that 80%-90% of the people who are fat or obese, and are looking to lose weight are lying to you and themselves!

Their actions display what they actually want.

If they wanted to lose weight and get healthy, they would stop going to Carl’s Jr for that Double Western…right?

What they want is a quick fix, a band-aid, something to mask the bigger issue.

And that is EXACTLY what Dr OZ gave the people with his “MUST HAVE supplements”

All of the items he highly recommended were cool products, but they were simply a temporary fix for a much larger issue!

He even recommended this pill that blocks your body’s ability from being able to absorb certain types of cholesterol…How ridiculous!!!

Stay away from foods that are high in cholesterol in the first place and you wont need the pill!

…This problem goes far beyond any supplements.

Cholesterol pills wont solve it, fruit/veggie pills wont, fat burners wont…Shakeology wont even solve this problem!



When I say “real results”, I am talking about the guy or gal who drops 30lbs and keeps it off.

I am talking about the person who has made REAL changes in their life and has not just masked the issue with some pill that gets quick results and sets you right back where you started when you quit the pill.

The REAL SOLUTION is a change of mind!

To get results that last you need to make lifestyle changes!

That means no more fast food. That means no more processed junk! That means no more giving into cravings because you had a hard day and you “deserve” that McFlurry…

Getting healthy is about developing the mindset that “I did some things to get where I am at…I dont like where Im at…now I need to do things differently”

And the hardest part is developing that mindset because you have spent so long developing all your bad habits.

I teach you how you can change your mindset from the ground up and develop the habits of health!

Step-1…It starts with your “why”.

You have to have an emotional force behind your goal of losing weight and getting fit, which I cover in my article Why Goals Dont Work

I actually cover the rest of the steps in my 5 day FREE video training series that will take the old you, and transform that person into the healthy you that I know is in there!

I lost 60lbs so far using these STEP-BY-STEP things that I show you in this series.

You just need to decide how bad you want it!

You can take Dr OZ’s band-aid, or you can change your life…

But you can bet without a shadow of a doubt that you will make a choice…

That choice will be “I want to be fat and unhealthy”, or it will be “Its time to CHANGE my life”

Just promise me that you will stop lying about wanting to lose weight and get healthy by DOING something about it!

If you WANT CHANGE…then enter your name and email on the right to sign up for my 5 day FREE video training series to get out of the rut you dont want to stay in!


If you agree with what I have said here, be sure you share this on facebook and twitter! America needs to change desperately! Lives are at risk and I am not about dealing with band-aids…Im about real life change! Also, be sure you share your opinion in the comments section below! I want to know how you feel about this issue!

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