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“You are about to discover the SECRET behind my motivation, how I stayed focused, and how that took me from 27% body fat down to 5.5% and RIPPED…”


“In this letter I will show you the little-known secret that has been helping my team get the most insane results from their Beachbody fitness programs!”


Dear RIPPEDCLUB team member,

 If you want the most effective way of getting healthy, fit, or absolutely ripped, without any dangerous fad diets, gizmos or gadgets…Then this may be the most important message you ever read.

 Here’s why:

 My name is Todd Warren. I am an Independent Team Beachbody Coach with hundreds of team members that I personally coach for FREE to help maximize their results with there Beachbody fitness programs.

 I have personally helped countless people, friends, and family reach their goals and go beyond what they thought possible of themselves. I believe that every single person has it in them to have the healthy, fit, RIPPED physique that everyone wants…Just like I did.

But you wanna know something interesting?

Not more than two years ago…


I Was 50lbs Overweight, Tired, And Disgusted With Myself For Letting It Get This Bad!


Its true.

 I was 26 years old and should have been in prime physical condition, but for the life of me I could not get rid of the weight! I was so frustrated.

 This story has some more history to it though…4 years prior to this epiphany that changed the entire game for me, I had purchased the 90 day fitness program P90X with the expectation of getting RIPPED just by owning the dvd’s.

 Well then reality set in.

 For the next 4 years I attempted to complete a 90 day round of P90X 7 times. I would start off all out and complete every single workout for the first few weeks, but something happened around week 3-4. I lost my motivation…

 It never failed. Between week 3 and 4 I would begin making excuses on why I shouldnt have to do my workout for the day:

  •  I worked too long that day

  • I stayed up too late the night before

  • Family events

  • Church events

  • I dont have time with the kids

 And the list went on and on and on…

 On top of that, I never REALLY committed to the nutrition plan. I would eat somewhat healthy, but still allow myself the occasional (more often than not) non-P90X approved meal. But I was working hard during those workouts, I deserve these cookies right?? RIGHT???


The Epiphany: I Got Plugged In!


It was incredible!

 I was up late one night checking out YouTube videos of P90x Transformations and came across this dude that got INCREDIBLE RESULTS! At the end of his video, he mentioned that I could make him my FREE coach and become a part of his team.

 Once I joined his team he provided answers to ALL my questions. He showed me how to maximize my results with P90X. And although I did not speak to him daily, there was an unspoken accountability there that is almost hard to describe.

 So now I had a huge team of people as well that were going through the same thing I was going through. They had the same struggles, the same questions, the same concerns as I did. I felt right at home! Now I had an entire team keeping me accountable!


After Getting Plugged In With A Coach And A Team, My Results Were Nothing Short Of Amazing


I had lost 50lbs of fat with P90X, going from 27% body fat down to 8% in just 180 days. Most professional athletes are at 8% body fat…Thats sayin something!

 I then decided to give Insanity: The Asylum a try for 30 days now that I was a P90X grad 2 times over. My results got EVEN BETTER! I dropped to 6% body fat and have maintained my new fit lifestyle for quite some time now.

 I FINALLY had the body that I KNEW I could have! I had the vascularity. I had the six pack, the definition, the strength, the endurance…But the best part of all was that I got my confidence back.

 I even won $1000 the January, 2012 Shakeology Transformation of the month contest by entering the Beachbody Challenge! Talk about a payoff!!! Get ripped AND get paid…who’da thought?





Part way through my second round of P90X I decided to become a Team Beachbody Coach, to take what I had learned, and show as many people as I could how they could get the body they wanted!

 As you probably have already noticed, I have developed the RIPPEDCLUB.net website as a one-stop-shop for getting CRAZY RESULTS!!! And its working too!

 Hundreds of RIPPEDCLUB members have found that by following my EXACT steps, they are getting results that are only seen and heard about on infomercials.

Here is what some of the members of RIPPEDCLUB have to say about our team and my coaching:


“Just wanted to drop you a note to thank you for inviting me to Ripped Club. Since I started I have lost 45 pounds! I’ve tried other diets, but without a support group like what Ripped Club offers, they never lasted long enough to see any results. It’s great to be with a group of like-minded people and finally get the results I’ve been looking for!” – Joe Keller


“I tried P90X once before about a year ago and didn’t have a clue what I was doing. I gave mediocre effort and got mediocre results. Browsing YouTube one night I came across a video by Coach Todd breaking down the nutrition part of the program. I decided to join RIPPEDCLUB based on the amount of effort he put into the nutrition aspect. I’m currently on day 69 of my first round of P90X and have went from 230 to about 200! I’m super confident that I wouldn’t have been on the road I’m on now if it wasn’t for Coach Todd and RIPPEDCLUB!” – Nate Hammond


“I’ve lost 30lbs and transformed the way I live my life through programs like Insanity, Asylum, P90X, P90Xs and the amazing support of Coach Todd and Rippedclub.net. Everything is possible and Todd and the club have been instrumental in my success!” – Jon Nicholson


“I didn’t know what 50/30/20 and the P90X nutrition diet plan was all about until I joined this club! It’s like a beachbody club but more exclusively, its free of course…The eliteness of the members of this group is incomparable, results are amazing! I tell ya, any questions you asked, it’ll be answered by our supportive and helpful members of this club & of course the amazing coach Todd, who is our inspiration, whenever I lose track of my goal, he always helps you get motivated. This coach has a lot of this, I’ve learned a lot since I joined the club and met coach Todd!! The elite of the elite clubs in Beachbody!! “RIPPEDCLUB” “rock on”!!!” – Jan-Jan


“The encouragement and support I receive from from RIPPEDCLUB, make this such a wonderful journey for me. I know I am not alone, and If i need questions answered, I know I can always count on someone whether it’s you or someone else to answer them. I feel blessed and honored to have met you and everyone on “our team”. Coming from someone who was considered “a loner” when I worked out, this is the BEST thing that has come into my life in a very long time. And on a personal note, I want to say especially to you, Thank you for contacting me and inviting me to RIPPEDCLUB. You had faith in me, when I was doubting whether or not I could do this.. and Not only do I promise myself, but I promise you and everyone at RIPPEDCLUB that I will BRING IT, and NEVER give up. Truly, from the bottom of my heart.” – Elizabeth Lacey


“With the support from Coach Todd and RIPPCLUB i lost 32lbs in round1 of P90X. Todd is a great Beachbody coach he helps and supports you when you’re down…He also gives good advice!” – Dalton Lawson


“Coach Todd and the team members in our group is exactly what keeps me on track.. Questions can be posted at anytime and you can get more than one point of view… We all have the same goals in mind and are more than willing to offer a helping hand!
Sincerely a slimmer me” – Terry J.


“In 2 days I’ll be starting the 3rd phase in my first round of P90X. I’ve lost 12lbs and 5% body fat. My fitness journey has just begun but I am committed to a lifetime of healthy choices. Thank you for creating one of the best motivational communities on the web.” – Derek


So What Can YOU: Coach Todd & RIPPEDCLUB, Offer Me?


I am not going to sling you some sales pitch on why you should make me your coach OR join RIPPEDCLUB.

 Its up to you whether or not you want to get THE BEST results possible, and if you feel that I can provide you with the tools you need to do just that, then LETS GET YOU MOVIN!

 You have already signed up for the RIPPEDCLUB Bootcamp, so thats great start! Go through the five day video series and when you have completed that, you are ready to move on.

 Once you sign up with me as your FREE Team Beachbody Coach, you are automatically enlisted as a member of RIPPEDCLUB! And once you are on the inside, you will have:

  • 24/7 access to ask me question to help you along your journey

  • Exclusive membership to the private RIPPEDCLUB facebook group page

  • You get the support of tons of other people who are on the same road as you

  • Unparalleled motivation

  • Unmatched accountability

  • The best tools to thrust you toward your goals

  • We even have T-shirts…Oh yes…T-shirts


Wayne Gretzky once said – “You miss 100% of the shots you dont take”


Take this shot by joining RIPPEDCLUB! Its completely FREE and you have my 100% dedication to making sure you have what you need to get in the most phenomenal shape you have ever been in!