RIPPEDCLUB Bootcamp Day 2

“Getting Prepared”



#1) Choosing A Fitness Program:


So now you are trying to decide which Beachbody program fits you and your goals best. Honesty, there is something for everyone. If you are looking for something a little less extreme while still getting a great workout, then you might try something like 10-minute trainer, Slim-in-6, or Tai Cheng. If you want to go extreme and take your fitness level to its limits, then something like P90X or Insanity might be up your alley. If you are feeling super confident, you can go with an advanced program like P90X2 or Insanity: The Asylum. You can also get something in between like; Power 90, TurboFire, Chalene Extreme, or PUMP. Be sure you click the “Programs” tab to see what program is a right fit for you and your goals. Obviously if you want to get ripped, then Slim-in-6 is not the best choice. So take a look at what each program offers and make the choice based on your desired results along with what you think you will have the most success with. You might not be ready for a program like P90X, so maybe a single round of Power 90 is in order before you step it up to the next level with P90X. CLICK HERE to see a list of Beachbody fitness Programs.


Some people like to get everything lined up for success before they even start. Beachbody has something for you too and even SAVES YOU MONEY in the process by bundling together your workout program, supplements, a VIP Club Membership, along with FREE SHIPPING on everything. Beachbody calls these “Challenge Packs”. These are a great option for getting started right for sure!


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#3) Choose Your Fitness Equipment


If you have chosen a cardio based program such as TurboFire or Insanity, then you wont be needing anything as far as equipment except a DVD player and a towel to mop up after yourself. If you wanted to do a program that involved resistance training, like Power 90, P90X, or Chalene Extreme, then you will want to pick up a set of resistance bands or dumbbells. I prefer dumbbells simply because they offer more resistance, but bands are an awesome choice as well. I did 1.5 rounds of P90x with resistance bands and they worked great, but I soon hit the ceiling of their resistance capabilities as my strength increased. As for dumbbells, there is a huge selection from regular hex dumbbells to adjustable ones offered by companies like bowflex and powerblock. These are very convenient in keeping up with the fast pace of P90X and P90X2. You will also want a pull-up bar for the more extreme programs, but of course you can substitute with bands. There are also lots of other “nice” peices of equipment to have that arent absolutely necessary, like Powerstands, Jump mat, medicine balls, stability ball. All of these items are available under the “Gear” tab on


Here is the equipment I use for P90X:



#4) Document Everything!!!


It is so important as a measure of your progress that you document everything! With each program Beachbody offers, they include a fitness guide that has a “fit-test” to document your measurements, physical abilities, weight, body fat composition and photos. Photos are a must, every 30 days! Its important that you document where you started so you can physically see the changes you have made. Not only can you use this as motivation for yourself, but you can use your results to help motivate others as a Team Beachbody Coach if you wanted. Your photos could even land you a spot in an infomercial!